Friday, October 15, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 9

Review written by: Angeladik

Moving on is episode 9...after all..falling in love between two destined enemies was never meant to be sweet as we will find out, not with the cold hearted character of Mateo, who's after all a half Vampire, so back to the drawing board says Simon who wants Mateo to court Clarisse just to get to buy the 20% of Waya Inc.

Starting off with Lucille the scheming mother having a head on encounter with a strong willed Lia not about to give up on what she saw, the presence of a Vampire at the ball, to this Lucille wants nothing of in spite knowing they are still just around.  By now, we know it's Lucille who's the real traitor just so to keep her position of prominence among the Wayas something she never really deserved.

Bear in mind that although Lucille is a sort of this sly traitor and in a next scene for her there she's shown owning to a collaborator who she really is...a weak traitor posing as their leader..kinda odd to even say it straight out even to a trusted minion.  So maybe that weakness perhaps in that scene lets say was because Lucille is supposedly a weakling in reality, an impostor leader.

Some of the lines were perhaps too long but happily Angel exuded fierce and power as is expected of the future strongest Lobo and Waya.

Angel plays the sensible and heroine character to the hilt and this is an Angel specialty, which gets only better and better even if its been something akin to her even way back Alwina days.

There are strong dramatic scenes for Angel in episode 9 and we're so happy that she owns episode 9.

Angel  Locsin as Lia.  This is actually a very good role for Angel because she's at her best playing strong heroines with that heart and in this role Angel can show off that power and strength of good virtous character.

What I want to see more of Angel because so far it's there already is to go more for the layers of acting. Here she's probably done a lot of her better dramatic scenes with soul rendering eyes speak a lot raw emotions

It's all good actually and we cant wait to see more and get that surprise we know Angel can provide for us. We want her to go for it unless direk wants to take it one step at a time and besides we want the other cast members doing it all with her for the better outcome of the show right?

The roles of Clarisse and Sam are in a way secondary although it depends how the story will go.  For now both are just behind the shadows of their parents.  Anyway, Angel is the focus of my viewing pleasure and Maricar lets see how she does as the other main antagonist to Lia.  This is Maricar's bigtime chance to show off.

In a way, we can expect Lia to actually be more powerful than either of her antagonists Lucille, Sam or even Clarisse because of who she is - so when she delivers those powerful lines its with this in mind.

The better actress: Angel Locsin vs. Vivian Velez.  The head on encounter between Lia and Lucille reveals very much who the better actress is - and glaringly so.  Angel Locsin exudes power so effortlessly and while you would think VivianVelez (V.V.) the veteran supposedly that she is, must have lost touch because really in their confrontation this time around she was really out of touch.

It's a pity because you really want one of the main antagonists to exude that kind of power because to Lia's quiet fierce nature, a good match would only be somebody who exudes at the very least the same level of strength.

There are some good veteran actresses who might be able to do Lucille with more aplomb and here in this confrontation scene clearly V.V. was just so out of touch with Angel easily taking over but seeing this happen we can't help but feel it could have been much better if Lucille was more.

Jake Roxas as Magnus.  Magnus too might have been given to a more powerful actor. We want to see more power in these characters in particular but I find a lack, so impact wise its not like as convincing.  I dunno if it's just me.

Stronger Main Antagonists.  Roles like those of Lucille and Magnus perhaps you expect them to be given to actors who can deliver aplomb or this unique distinct style.  For me these two characters you can really do a lot especially if you're one heck of an actor and its a pity it seems we are wanting for more.

When we want impact its very crucial for the main antagonists since an all protagonist show especially for non-fans can go boring, something we dont want happening.. Let that be a warning to ratings addicts although I hardly bother believing these.

JLC in another cold-hearted ambitious role.  John Lloyd Cruz once more gives life to a rather cold hearted ambitious something he's done successfully for the nth time.  Do most female folk really love this kind of guy? To the more sensitive warm type? Or is this the type of guy girls swoon over when watching romantic flicks.

Who could forget how JLC was more successful playing this kind of ambitious guy in his most successful movie team-up to date with Sara Geronimo really going crazy over his indifference?

The thing here with Angel's Lia is although there's this kind of discovery that she might be falling for Mateo, she's not about to get head over heels crazy over him and instead rejects the bad attitude.

As long as female fans love the fact that JLC is hard to get then let the romance begin...their misadventures and all that comes along the way...getting nasty a lot of times included.

Whatever happens one thing is for sure - their chemistry although of the blow hot and cold variety is right on target.  So whatever kind of romance viewers prefer lets leave it to them to give us the right kind of twists and turns to really create that real feel

Magnus-Sam scenes. More scenes between Magnus and Sam but too much of it sometimes makes it look like a redundant B movie, maybe we got the point already about Dad wanting Sam to be ready for Lia and all.

Once more in spite balanced distribution of scenes for the other cast members notably a yet again Magnus- Sam scene.  Are they trying to establish some sort of following too for the father daughter combo? becoz there's been too much for them lately.

Sam and Lucas.  I think the scenes of Sam with Lucas comes out more naturally.  Yeah the Rico Blanco we are so upset about being a potential romantic interest to Lia seems to have gotten himself a role where he's a natural.

Maybe he should be linked to Sam instead dont you think?

Nina Dolino as Clarisse.  As to getting the actress who plays Clarisse instead of the better known ones, in this case I think the likes of Alessandra de Rossi and Mylene Dizon have become seen so often, we actually want fresh faces this time and so far the actress doing it is just fine by me, even if she's not familiar.

Episode 10.  Okay episode 10 will be the start of another conflcting romantic take when Mateo has to court Clarisse on Simon orders but there's a scene at the end of the teaser they will still be looking reluctantly at each other in that way when they felt that attraction. it's still very much alive.  Both we know have this similarity of being hyper when upset - nice one there.

For loveteam fans more exciting twists and turns coming up...roller coaster romance.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I'll give Imortal 8 out of 10, not perfect for reasons mentioned in the review above. But I must say that I'm hooked literally, want to watch without blinking. It's fast and not too cheesy, I hope to see Jomari Yllana back 'though.

Nicky said...

I believe there is a possibility for Jomari to come back as long as he does not tie up himself exclusively in another network perhaps. I like also that the directors are not into melodrama for this show. Two thumbs up for that!