Thursday, October 14, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 8

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 8 starts with a heartwarming scene.  You better believe it!  Angel Locsin made me cry as she recounted how her parents died in the hands of the Vampires without telling Mateo.  Yeah I am a fan but it was really a heartfelt scene for Angel and John Lloyd Cruz was giving the right support for that scene meant for Angel.

Recounting to Mateo her fears and deriving strength in his arms - the style I think is the younger generation pop culture style.  But it still comes out very powerful for both Angel and JLC and with a heart.  Loads of it coming from the more sensitive characters of Lia and JLC, seeing Mateo becoming "human", discovering his feelings and good side being with Lia.

If you saw most of the previous episodes, it has got something to do with both having so many family related heartaches and finding that restful comfort in each other having faced as equally daunting adversities and destined by our writers to really find love in each other...hehe now we're getting there.

To give to loveteam fans what exactly we want, there's yet another scene the one where a reluctant Mateo enters Lia's hospital bedroom.  By now you know they're actually discovering falling in love.

Those 2 scenes will have to stand out for episode 8. Well, part of the story is still the Sam lead attack not approved by the powerful Magnus, who is full of wrath, punishing them for giving the Wayas the chance to retaliate.  After all, the important Wayas survived the ball fire so that was an ill planned attempt to destroy the Wayas.  All it did was warn them to give that counteract, only it seems Lia would again not be believed.

The truth of the matter - Lucille is just so insecure about the Blancaflor clan.  She chooses to punish Lia for her "discovery" that Vampires were the real perpetrators and an easy excuse to persecute her once more..tsk tsk...its kinda of the old soap formula.  Lets see if they do the same old treatment in the presentation because it will be seen for the next episodes.

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