Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 7

Review written by: Angeladik

Would you believe it? I was dead tired, I just lied down for a while in Mom's bed and she watched Imortal without waking me up? Well, there goes episode 7. I was able to catch it in the imortalblogspot though and believe me it's not the same.  Oh well, hopefully it's just one of those days because despite my tiring busy schedule there's always time to make sure am still able to avoid getting sleepy for the 40 something mins its shown.

About youtube...well, episode 7 starts with a restaurant meeting between childhood friends now work mates Lia and Miriam (?) ...and Lia's forever getting herself into trouble with her little adventures to make things right.

Finally the masquerade ball birthday bash for Clarisse happens and it's the event where the moon's destiny meets at that given time when Lia and Mateo seems to be having pre-adult stage fulfillment of their destined powers.  As destiny has it, that realization happens at the same time for both of them.

Before that, is the meeting of the P.A. and the hidden motives of a rude Mateo trying to "hypnotize" Lia to follow him to no avail.  It's like with anticipation as we watch Mateo and Lia share a rather short but not desirable first date.

As usual, they don't have the chance to start it right until perhaps the next episode after the moon might have something to say on that night they held hands at the masquerade ball.

Looks like after all the foul mood Mateo is giving Lia, the next episode will be the one loveteam fans will surely not want to miss as looks like they'll find themselves underneath one of the tables as Sam creates this huge fire to kill the Lobos hoping Lia is there to die with them, Lobos, at the ball.   Yeah, Lobos weakness is fire so that's what the eventologist Sam, unknown to Clarisse, is dishing out at the ball.

Both Mateo and Lia are not yet full fledged in terms of their powers. We all know both are destined to be the most powerful of their kind and both realizing it at the same time. Both also born on the same date.  Aside from how and where their relationship is going, we will also see where their powers will take them in both their respective goals. Mateo to get 20% of Waya, Inc. for his adoptive father Simon and become VP while Lia to end the "traitor" accusation against her mother Lyka.  Of course with Mateo, it's more than that as he is always proving himself being naturally ambitious and left by his real father.

VV as Lucille is now growing on me because at first thought I wanted more power especially in that scene where Angel as Lia really was really good and the very strong screen presence when she held her neck. I mean Angel's screen presence was so strong. VV I thought should have been more powerful there. But maybe VV is careful not to overcook the scene so ok it's still alright. Maybe just comparing with previous "punong bantay" Lady Elle herself who comes in strong playing grandma to Lyka.

The Lia-Mateo relationship is still in the getting to know each other stage starting on the wrong side on the second occasion but 3rd time will be different(?)

That's the scene in the next episode as they meet once more after a ball fire. I mean the young adults Mateo and Lia. Where their relationship goes is what's excites us most about Imortal and we're just in the beginning part so there's a lot of anticipation every time.

This episode looked very short to me watching it on youtube. Next time no more getting asleep and Mom better wakes me up if I take a quick nap before Imortal starts.  Oh they meet once more during the fire underneath the table. We see Lia again underneath a table, hmm. I think the next episode will definitely be more exciting so no missing it this time. Youtube is so different from our wider screen.

How'd you find it Nicks, Angelcharmz and Twilights and other fanatics? Convince me this is not one of the better episodes hehe. I hate it when I miss them on TV. Better release the DVDs.  Just convincing myself this episode is short anyway and I didn't really miss much.

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