Saturday, October 9, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 5

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 5 is all about the young Lia and Mateo.  Well, more of Mateo actually please ABS make sure with Lia grown up its the other way around.  The young Mateo is the better actor and the better looking child actor so that's a good choice actually but you know me as usual looking out for when the grown up Lia comes out.

Finally when she wakes up from her dreams, there I am smiling to see Angel Locsin - like a real fan. Well, she just ignited the screen there even if it was shot from a barely lit bedroom.

Then there's another scene where she's wearing a sleeveless shirt showing the mark engraved by Lucille - loving these scenes.

Well, she had to follow that brat of a daughter of Lucille giving her those orders like picking up lost jewelry under the table with guests around?  What kind of scene was that?  Well, at least Angel looks great doing it - the redeeming factor.

The usual of course first meeting is Mateo again daydreaming at night looking at the tall Elle Tower and Lia ordered to go there to pick up something.  Mateo's car almost hits Lia as she stops her taxi to get to the building as usual on orders from the brat daughter of Lucille to get something there.  I like the last part most when the grown up Lia and Mateo comes around.

Oh I remember there was a nice part there with the young Lia and Mateo shown on different screens what was happening to them - parallel events in their lives and how they meet again as young adults.  I can't wait for next week - more Lia of course and Mateo making it more interesting.

Analysis of Characters of Lia and Mateo

There's something about the character of Lia.  She follows orders but she's a fighter.  It's not exactly like Lyka when she was young.  So, that's a welcome departure, seeing something else.  Actually I like the character of Lia.

Then Mateo this time John Lloyd Cruz appears he's also playing a strong persona character.   Here, both of them are. That's so great because they can both pull it off well.

Yup! Good roles for the both of them to explode on screen like Boy Abunda said in the Buzz, that's what he meant.  Right there you can feel it!  So it's not an overstatement from Boy.  I'm liking this more to Lobo's Noah since I feel Piolo Pascual doesn't have it in him to bring out fierce in the role he does, which JLC can.

With both Angel and JLC doing this strong persona roles, I'm loving it actually and they get entangled romantically too.  Now that's a nice recipe for a formula hit TV series you have to agree Nicks.

Stronger Chemistry: Why Angel-Lloydie is better than Angel-Piolo tandem?

The usual antagonistic first meeting but in reality hiding an undeniable attraction.  The usual but you have to agree both do it very well.  So in case Angel's asking, yeah the chemistry for me is better.

The reason why I can't feel it as much between Piolo and Angel, both actually compliment each other's good looks but Piolo can't measure up with his weaker persona not levelling up to Angel's strong character persona.

With JLC that's not a problem so they compliment acting wise and persona wise much better, which worked well actually with Sam and Angel in the romcom light drama genre of Only You.

Piolo sometimes I felt is a lot like Richard who's more of just looking good with the leading lady.  No offense meant there. Piolo is sometimes awkward doing the manly thing and you find it strange when JLC can look more convincing in that fight scene compared to a hunkier Piolo doing something similar.

But I actually like the tall dashing presence of Richard beside Angel for tweetums teen flicks it's actually alright.  We're not there to watch like critics do but just get entertained.  With JLC as Angel's new leading man you somehow feel there's more they can do together and we can explore more possibilities - so right there.  You hope the creative juices of writers and directors makes them an even more promising pair.  Well, that's about it for now, waiting to be pleased more next week.  ABS makes sure there's a lot of Angel to keep fans like me happy.

Angel Locsin: Strong Screen Presence

Angel is a smothering screen presence, whether she's looking at you straight in the eye or doing that to her co-star. She creates that strong kind of attraction to herself and the role she plays. Lia is a very good character for her to explore so that's make us excited.  We want Angel playing those multidimensional roles, multi-layered, multifaceted whatever.  Strong characterizations are always done with aplomb by Angel like nobody does it.

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