Friday, October 8, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 4

Review written by: Angeladik

In the 4th episode, we don't really see much of Angel Locsin.  The scene of the dying Lyka is short-lived.  While I hate over dramatic scenes, there's something about the almost fast pace of the way Lyka had to go.

Could they have done it in any better way? Well, I'm no brilliant writer but that's the thing when you make a decision on how a character dies and the one you remember here is a mother's love for her daughter by leaving her with her own life as a sort of cloak of protection.  She would perhaps die anyway although its up to us to figure this one out.

Some scenes are fast even if we wanted to relish more Angel's presence as Lyka and for a fan it's a bit disappointing but we know they need to meet a deadline. There might be more important scenes to shoot for main stars Angel and John Lloyd Cruz.

Talk about an extended scene from a glaringly non-competent actress the one playing the young Lucille  (Sheree).  I dunno but with her I think to begin with the wrong choice of actress for somebody supposed to replace Lyka as Huling Bantay really lacking strength.  It's a shame, there are so many other competent actresses who I believe could have done better   Sure the scene where she almost single-handedly brands Lyka a traitor is a real challenging one - that sure is a very poor choice and makes me wonder who put her there to play the role.

The young Mateo and Roman becomes the center of attraction here as the young Lia is left alone without Lyka.  Hopefully, we see Angel more next time....more of epi 2 please...please spoil the fans too.

I dunno nicks I just want to see Angel more. You know why I watch these things so it frustrates me when Angel's not the center of attraction for this episode.  Hopefully they spoil fans like me again like in episode 2, my fave so far.

Recap from Imortal Thread at Female Network  Credit to: geeboy I am not going to re-post geeboy's work here. I enjoyed reading her transcript in Lobo before and I am glad she's transcribing for Imortal as well. To read her transcript, click here, here, here and here

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