Friday, October 8, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 3

Review written by: Angeladik

The 3rd episode somehow tapers off from the Power display of the 2nd episode.  Suddenly the discerning Lyka is quiet and just feeling her way.

The center of attraction for the 3rd episode seems to be the young Mateo and Lia.  The 3rd episode is actually establishing the connection from Noah and Lyka, Roman and Lyka, parents to Mateo and Lia and how their families connection all began.

It's like unfolding a story so it's an establishing type of episode where it's not exactly as cinematic as the 2nd, still my fave episode, but something of more like the 1st where they establish the history of all vampires and lobos.  The 3rd establishes the connection of the 2 destined special people of their respective tribes - the vampires and lobos, actually both half breeds, although Lyka also is while it's like a 1st for the Vampires in Mateo.

In a way Roman and Lyka take a back seat in this episode to establish the connection of their children.  To excite us for the coming of the young adults Mateo and Lia and how its destiny their paths cross and will again.   Whether it's the Lyka or Lia role nobody excites a fan like me more than seeing Angel as the center of attraction.

Like I've been saying the best reason I watch any of her TV series is watching her and her performances so that's how I assess this whole thing.  Honestly am not into Vampires or even Lobos but watching Angel always is interesting and she's very good doing this one.  No, I have not even seen any of those in vampire movies or hit TV series from abroad.

BTW for added feedback, we just passed by an Angel ad billboard and guess what? Everybody seems to be really talking about Imortal and people are really watching.  That's nice to a lot are actually watching.

The series of course is not your typical Pinoy soap and the catchy teasers must really be generating a lot of interest.  One such interesting part is when we see Lyka with fierce eyes swinging her head up and bending low.  It's a very eye catching scene actually because she's like a fierce half human half lobo there.

I guess we will not be seeing the Power as much anymore from Lyka as she's going to die in the 4th I suppose episode.  We will all be waiting for the next Angel then - the grown up Lia and with Mateo to follow.

Cant wait? Yeah but we will have to watch as each episode unfolds.  Again, having to bear with establishing connecting episodes.  Actually, they do it in non fuss quick way but I guess for an Angel's fan everything really is more interesting when it's Angel taking center stage so don't blame this fan.

The CGI lobos actually look better for the dark scenes but in broad daylight scenes its kinda distracting.  It's much like in Twilight and I do remember mom saying the part when Lyka transforms to Brasca looks better than the CGIs in Twilight.  Its different now with no Brasca around. the one where Lyka transforms inside the church is also worth remembering although when she's finally Brasca well looses steam actually. The dog is not exactly a fierce animal and looks so cute and tame.

Let's see next how the dying Lyka scenes happen. We had a glimpse already of that in episode 1.  Let's see what more they're showing us for the actual retelling - better be good.  Again, direk was able to draw out a very impressive powerful performance from Angel for episode 2 so let,s see what happens in the dying scene of I suppose episode 4.

Looking back at Lobo, I never really liked that church scene of Noah and Lyka as Noah was dying - too tearjerker which btw looks to be that way again whenever Piolo appears in the preceding series Noah.  It doesn't really serve Piolo doing depressing scenes so engaging the earlier series Noah to too much conflict and drama is not exactly watchable I dunno it's just me.

I hope the dying scene of Lyka will be something to please my sensibilities more this time around.  Hoping for more brilliance from Direk.  C'mon' we want you doing that for Angel let's show some more.  You know it's really up to Direk to come up with those scenes.  Not the usual tiring typical Pinoy dramatics, let's be original and creative, please us more.  Angel can deliver but it's up to you Direk to come up with what is brilliant to watch.

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