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Imortal: review of episode 20

Review written by: Angeladik

Okay we're officially done with the first 4 weeks so lets give some more reviews from my POV (point of view) hehe :D but of course and thanks a lot for your nice side comments Nicky I hope its not too hard reading my reviews ;) [love reading them Angeladik... please keep them coming - nicky]

A quick assessment from a reviewer says Imortal is just a combo of all the ideas they got from all those Vampire series and Werewolf series.  Hmm, okay maybe I'm not into these stuff. I've been honest about it from the start.  In a way, from what I've been hearing there's some truth to this.  So in a way it bothers me still hopefully like Lyka's role in Lobo it still gets another iEmmy nomination. 

Angel Locsin improves in her craft.  I think Angel has really become a well-rounded actress here in Imortal.  There are still a few times I want some more polishing like that instance where I dunno if it's direk's idea why she had to use her hand to demonstrate a point to Jethro but it was actually short maybe even necessary.  I just want to point out instances so if Angel happens to drop by maybe she'd read some of my reviews? hehe ;) that would be so cool if she did :cool:  [I believe she did the same while talking to BFF Maj when they were looking for Jethro if I was not mistaken. It's kinda awkward -nicky]

I think the best part of Angel's acting has to be her expressive eyes and the way she expresses emotions here.  Really, it's topnotch acting and it helps she is a natural charmer so that adds up to Angel being a brilliant actress and star.

Angel's delivery of lines. Well, she understands her speech style more now and is able to harness what she has, to be more effective which in the category of visuals she's tops,

Now Angel understands better why her speech style is not a liability but can actually adjust to match her brilliance at visual projection where she's at her best as an actress.   Now I can see she understands finesse and subtle expressions even more.

I think Angel actually has this cute kinda voice which for youthful, heroine roles connects well.  It's the manner of channeling the expression to suit what's required.

Angel and Nina Dolino.  In fact, Angel trades scenes with Nina very well.   Their combo has this amusing, deliberate style but I find it entertaining.  It's evident in their telephone conversation where Clarisse shifts from fake nice to her usual bitchy mode and Angel channeling her serious, nice Lia role to the bratty hypocrite Clarisse.

If you've seen LTLB (Let The Love Begin) where Angel plays the spoiled rich girl but still with a heart then you understand why Angel's the type of actress who can play roles as varied as one gets.

We have to be thankful Angel's heaped with the better cast ensemble group here and Nina is definitely a very refreshing actress to watch out for.  She's smooth and her role comes so natural to her.

You also know with the her crisp delivery of lines, it's all there and you wonder if she can be as good in another role.  Because looking at the actress playing Maj, it looks so simple but actually she complements Angel's Lia so well.  Their conversation looks straight out from our daily activities with friends.

Psychoanalytical Lines.  I have to agree too, there are Mateo-Lia conversations that sound like some psychoanalysis.  But here with the two, I think they can channel their charm as actors and it's still very interesting.  I think Angel's still very good in these scenes in spite the almost psychoanalytical dialogues ;)  [I dunno, I wish writers would stop writing these kind of lines.  If I find this type dialogue in a book, for sure I am not buying any more books written by that author hehe - nicky ]

Mateo's Secretary.  What about the Mateo and his secretary encounters?  Okay, we have a familiar actress comedian in Beverly S. there.  Although she's kinda caricaturish here, her contribution to spice up the lighter kilig mode is on target  The "nagbibinata" liner for her with Mateo not realizing he's confessing being in love with Lia is typical but it's still an effective prelude to that kissing scene highlight for this episode 20.

The Kiss.  Hehe Lia makes clumsy look cute and amusing as the serious "manang" Lia trips when she tries to warn Mateo of an imminent attacker.  Obviously, the writers want to create this light mood to set the tone for that "kiss" at the parking area.

Well, Mateo's still but concerned of Lia's attempts to try protect him and he doesn't want her doing it but the more this issue turns up, seems the more, like a magnet, he can't resist Lia.  So finally, the much awaited kiss happens, the "did it happen?" mood is there.  Seems the two are very much attracted but still in spite the passionate kiss, can't say much after as Mateo is forever running away from "this should not be happening" scenario.

It was a bit hmmm for me for the serious, nice Lia can kiss like that although in all fairness, she's always been the emotional loving type and the kiss was a loving heartfelt kiss for Lia.

John Lloyd Cruz there looked passionate but somehow showed that restraint, I wonder why it had to be like that?  When he was the one who initiated it?  Okay let's say he's being consistent with the holding back Mateo...still...

I think the writers perhaps were trying to show those emotions based on Lia's and Mateo's characters.  So okay...and well, they ignited the right kilig also for the viewers as every single one here couldn't take their eyes away from the screen.

The scene is two newbie lovers? And they projected the right atmosphere for a discovering couple who just fell in love both for the first time...cute kilig its can be seen by kids too...wholesome :glad:

Lyndon, the Wolverine look-alike vampire.  The actor playing Lyndon, he actually comes on strong and yeah helps make the Vampire cast interesting.  Sometimes, it would be interesting if they really put a veteran actor here in the group to spice up their "boring" dialogues because the more they're seen it's not helping Imortal.  The good thing though is as long as the Vampire ensemble is just part of the whole Mateo-Lia world then its an okay backgrounder.
Yup Lyndon perhaps is now the new more interesting Vampire here as Sam somehow looses more steam and I dunno what the purpose of her scenes with Tom and Magnus are supposed to create. There's almost nothing most of the time. Thanks to Lyndon, the Vampire crew has some "life."

Lyndon makes his move as Clarisse brings Mateo to their date place - Bright Lives something....there Lyndon follows Mateo as Jethro yet again shows up for Diane (which is his Lia) and warns her of the imminent attacker Lyndon.   [It's  Bright Lives Foundation actually, saw it at Jethro's blog.  Have you visited the actual site?   I'm guilty of stalking it for fun. Click here to check it out - nicky]

Next episode.  That's the teaser now for next week's episode 21 where Lia gets unconscious (?) after yet again trying to warn Mateo, who this time sees the attacking Lyndon while a light brown Lobo saves him.  We see Lia so gorgeous and sexy in those yellow contacts but shown for only a second.  We dunno if Lia has finally transformed there or later.

The brown Lobo might not be Lia since Clarisse was just around we know.  Of course any Lobo fan knows Nessa became a black Lobo although the Blancaflors from their family name are White Lobos. Lia is already many times a half breed. Lobo fans know of course.

I suspect that was probably Clarisse and nope Mateo won't "discover" yet about Lia possibly being a Lobo, not yet.

My Thoughts.  Episode 20 is faster paced with many outdoor scenes.  That's good.  We can see this time the writers used the right actors to spice up this episode.  Yeah, I have to say the Vampire cast needs a veteran actor fast.  The lengthy dialogues needs those veteran actors who can deliver crisp, clear lines with pomp and finesse the way a Vampire would. 

Mateo actually belongs not yet to the Vampire cast here since his scenes allow him to be with every ensemble but clearly he's better when with the Lobo and human ensemble cast

So there!  The strong and weak points I noticed for Imortal.  For one, it's a pity that Maricar Reyes really looks the part and she's alright but to expect her to carry the entire team Sangre is asking for too much. That Tom actor is not the one for sure because he even gives Maricar awkward moments even if perhaps its necessary there...still boring so end effect doesn't deliver.  [yeah, for example it's kinda awkward when Tom was just standing there at the rooftop when Sam came running about Lyndon ..Sam has similar awkward stance when Tom left to run after Lyndon - nicky]

Actor doing Lyndon is interesting but then he's just a henchman type of guy.  Clearly this team needs some backup because although V.V. is not at the same level as the younger Wayas and Lia's support "family", there's enough of the good actors for Team Lobo or Waya.

Aside from perhaps having the more interesting dialogues even making those amusing, deliberate exchanges, there's the easy to watch dynamics there.

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