Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 16

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 16 is still all about Mateo and his mysterious "illness" which coincidentally Sam shares or rather no surprise Sam had the same.  The much awaited, fans hoping there might be a kiss between Mateo and Lia would of course never happen since its too premature. Tom's attack mode would have to wait since Sam decides its not a good idea to just finish off Mateo without finding out about him first and the possibility that he might be the "tinakda."

There's another dramatic stubborn denial encounter the one outside Elle Tower between Lia and Mateo and although they always look attracted to each other it was yet another altercation between Mateo and Lia.  Lia already knows something about Mateo's "illness" but as usual he likes to do things on his own and even suspects Lucas has something to do with Lia's knowing and concerns about his health condition.

All the while the two are having their usual disagreement with Lia wanting to help and Mateo rejecting her once more, that's when Sam aborted the plan assigned to Tom to attack Mateo and finish him.  Viewers might wonder why Tom can't recognize the Lyka look-alike Lia when we all know Sam has been on the look out for her since Magnus put it in her head Lia would be her tormentor.  It seems Lia is unrecognizable and focus of this scene is the attack on Mateo all the while he's yet again in another of his disagreements with Lia

Well, Mateo has had enough of Lia's concerns besides suspicious of Lucas telling Lia things only they should know. Mateo doesn't want any more people knowing about his "illness" as he deems it a weakness so off he cancels his board meeting with Simon as he gets a call from Sam, who wants to find out about Mateo more.

On the Waya camp, bratty Clarisse reports to Mom Lucille about what she thinks Lia's up to, not before accosting her about Lia trying to get Mateo to like her and "unsuccessful", has her sights on the son of Simon Landholdings Lucas Teodoro.

Whatever Clarisse thinks, it alerts Lucille to follow what Lia's up to with the company's eligible bachelors.  Well, Clarisse has her thinking Lia might want to get hitched to one of them and use Simon Landholdings to wage a "battle" vs Waya Inc.?  Of course that's not the case.  Pretty much they can never be sure about Lia guilty perhaps and insecure as to what Lia can do.  All the while not knowing Lia is attractive to both men ;) in spite not trying and just being her simple nice self.

Mateo is restless as usual about the whole "illness" thing and off again he goes to another brawl, gets that call from Sam and this time they have this match up at the gym.  That's when Sam admits finally indeed she had the same "illness" experience and confirmed being that patient.

So Mateo will be seeking out Sam here who we know is finding out if Mateo is of use to them Vampires in the battle vs. the Lobos while Lia is out to find out more about Jethro at Cafe Verona.  With Lucas a persistent suitor accompanying Lia once more to the place, Lucille is convinced Lia's up to something.

Next  Episode.  This episode is straightforward and although it might be for the next few episodes yet, the last part had me excited the teaser where we see Lia's eyes turn greenish yellow and what a sight too while Mateo was having more "illness" this time looks like his head was breaking.  Lia had it figured out actually while she would be stronger and eventually become a Lobo, Mateo will show those weakness signs.

There's another very suspenseful scene too at Cafe Verona when Jethro a seer of sorts who writes them in his blog sees a woman with red eyes (Sam) attempts to kill Mateo and in that scene Lia is highly agitated to know about it.  She needs to save Mateo yet again.

Thoughts.  Overall we are now used to the interesting portrayals of their roles and this is good because this time around we're now very much into the very engaging story what's next and the teasers making us wanting for more.

Sometimes, I still think it's too short but there are episodes also which tackle more.  The 16th episode is sort of just a continuation so hopefully things spice up more and more to tackle for the next.  It should really be a 1-hour episode or maybe a marathon on weekends.

I love Angel Locsin in contacts.  Wow!!!  From simple demure angelic pretty Lia to the ferocious gorgeous transformed Lia hehe.   Well, fans can get excited but I don't think it's going to happen in the next episode, maybe that's for Friday is my guess :glad:

Sometimes, the teasers are getting too ahead to make us very excited and that's the reason the uninterrupted weekend marathon should be considered by ABS-CBN since we can't get enough and watching the marathon version is something else.

Okay, it has to be said looks like the bite of Sam on Mateo might be the final step to full Vampire hood? In the process enabling Lia to transform into a full Lobo?

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