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Imortal: review of episode 14

Review written by: Angeladik

So here we go episode's mainly about Mateo.  Lia is bothered in her dreams to check for bleeding eyes and comes across a blog.  Now tell me Nicks this idea come from some foreign show?  [Nicky: Purely Pinoy I would say hehe..]

Just to check the blog owner Jethro, was it July 31 something, is a seer like Tita Trixie from the Lobo days and the events between Lia and Mateo happening about Aug 5?''

This one is not particularly heavy scenes for Angel Locsin but just nice curious looking and very beautiful close-ups for Angel and she looks like an angel of course.

The story is the center of attraction this time as the writer is moving on to the part where Mateo seeks out this other patient who had the same symptoms he did.  That of course eventually leads him to Sam Imperial. Yup no Clarisse this time the brat needed to take a rest after getting that scolding from Mateo so this time it's Maricar's turn to shine without Nina the smooth stereotype seemingly making it a rivalry among the main antagonists of Lia.

Maricar this time proving she's likewise a smoothie in her role as the impostor Vampire "tinakda."  She's not about to accept this possibility of Mateo being the Real One.  So on with Mateo and Sam discovering about each other while Lia it seems somebody was telling her to read the blog

Lets see where the curiousity of the Sam Mateo leads and will they still be pursuing Lia and Lucas and looks like its not as simple as just that.  Of course there's this possibility Lucas is actually Lucille's son by Simon.  Although Lucas by RB is a smoothie, it's more like Lia appreciates what he's doing which Mateo, who she's actually more naturally attracted to, doesn't.

This is the let's find out episode...nice one to keep viewers waiting for what's next of course...after the uber kilig episode of Mateo Lia last time around.  Miss E.A. NBSB still for me should not go to smoothie flowery Lucas even if the seemingly cold Mateo is rude obviously its just a cover.  He's actually a more sincere person than Lucas, only it's been repressed by his past and his present, his calculating adoptive father having a lot to do with it.

Mateo needs to please Lucas' [father?].  It's as if to prove his father should have never left him.  It's a haunted character of his past, much like Lia although she's luckier to have a more caring mother figure, her Nanay Tabs, her friend Miriam, actually the daughter of like her caretaker dad.  

The relationships here are actually well thought of.  The family factor is very evident.  It's part of who've the characters here have become.  Even Sam and Clarisse constantly have parts related to their dealings with their parents.  Of course we've said it many times how Sam always needs to please his nagger of a "father" Magnus and the spoiled brat Clarisse finally getting scolded by mom Lucille.

Well, for Lia's part at least she doesn't need to deal with difficult "parents," only those abusive Waya supposedly leaders.  Still it's too much considering she's the heir of the "royal" Waya clan Blancaflor now reduced to just the E.A. of the impostors who took over and being constantly maltreated and humiliated.  She rises to bring order back while the dark Vampires settle their issue among themselves and the Lobos.  The nice thing here is we have a lot of engaging actors for Imortal.  Maybe a few not so but the story well what do we expect some say it's going to be copied from this and that but actually it's we're following.

We're following the story and we don't know yet where its going.   Will it be predictable? Even so, let's say we have really good engaging actors here who make the show a nice interesting watch all the time

hehe till next episode...who will Jethro be? and we'll be seeing the Mateo-Sam fight scene next? or did I see Mateo in a brawl with Lucas? Too much jealousy now? Ok let's leave Lucas as just a cause for jealousy, nothing more.  Lia is only for Mateo that's very clear.  Lucas is just this older nice kuya friend giving Lia that suitor experience.

Thoughts on Originality of materialFirst thanks for all "new" visitors, lurkers finally posting and of course Twilights and the main gal here Nicky of course our Angel if she knows about us :D

We don't pretend here..we're fans and we just want a fun entertaining watch.  So about copying, well I am not into writing and of course originals are great but hey I never really got interested in Twilight and never watched even one. [Nicky: ditto]

As Angel's fans, it's important for us when ABS-CBN takes care of a well written story.  I think repetitions is now commonplace since from the time scriptwriting started it's been ages and it can't be avoided. No one can claim being entirely original these days.  It's not only Filipinos copying foreigners. Everybody actually "copy" each other.  We're a universal community now so its inevitable and unavoidable.

In fact, westerners actually dig up infos from Asian and non-Western cultures to incorporate into their work and scripts. Everybody gets something from the other cultures and that's just how universal we've become.

Angel Locsin, a versatile actress.   About Angel, she's really one versatile actress who has this ability to always make her roles such a wonderful watch always and never was surprised she always has something new for us fans.  That's the part about being her fan, we know she can do so many things so she's never a one dimensional actress, always there's dynamics.

Even the way she matches up with her two new leading men here.  As expected, two charming actors Angel and JLC who know how to make their presence felt by viewers and surprisingly even a simple looking guy like Rico B. make that RB can look alright when pairing with Angel.

Yeah, Angel's gifted with screen magic and her screen projection is world class and now here in Imortal we see something a very intense Angel but at the same time the acting is subtle and so natural.  Angel is just as convincing as an NBSB [no boyfriend since birth] young lady :lol: 

You would think a NBSB role would make Angel look simple but Angel's really so good she's really made this another unforgettable role.  And why do I have this feeling?  Because she's made simple here, she's made it even better with all the right emotions at the right time and always it's become automatic you feel Lia so much, you cry when she's hurting.  You smile too when you know she's a well behaved young lady fighting for principles and then falling for a guy and getting some nice appreciation from a suitor.

It might be a formula role to make sure Angel's endeared herself to audiences but it's a fact Angel does it so well and doing the acting chops smoothly at the same time that makes Angel not only a well-rounded actress but a star meant to invade foreign soil. Well, we already know she's made her introduction already as Lyka there and more of that for sure as Lia as the iEmmys are closely watching this one too.

In other words, as the world gets smaller, foreign shows are always being watched out for new talents who have the ability to become the next imports for Hollywood and the U.S. worldwide market.

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