Thursday, October 21, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 13

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 13 and on with the field trip for the street children where loveteam fans really getting a great treat from the writers.  This is a full episode of uber kilig and you can almost feel every second of this episode. Well it was all meant to be that way and both obliged effortlessly and although simple and we've probably seen that before in some foreign show it worked becoz our leads are so natural.

Once again Clarisse even in her stereotypical bratty role is always a natural.  Some might start questioning my raves about Nina here compared to the other main rival Sam. Maricar is doing fine particularly she really looks the part and I think she's quickly made up for dialogue lapses in earlier episodes.  Maybe she really was adjusting with those she was sharing scenes with.  V.V. it seems clearer to me now she might be playing just the 3rd lead antagonist here after Sam and Clarisse.  Well, at least as far as the women antagonists.

What can I say we just smiled watching episode 13. Nice one and well acted too with some fight action scenes and who would have thought Angel looks just as convincing being chased and just being a mortal even if a feisty one.

The entire episode 13 is filled with those dialogues that will later immortalize and seal their love but not without hindrances and will it be a real threat?  At the end of episode 13 is the happy go lucky Lucas finally making his first move sending flowers by Lia's hospital bedside and Mateo doesn't like it, looks disappointed and jealous.

So comes the teaser for episode 14 where we see more fight scenes for Sam this time with Mateo.  What happened in between?

Just to recount one of the Mateo-Lia conversations at the park was about the touchy issue of Mateo being left in the streets by his father and how he represses his emotions since giving in to them meant weakness which Lia counters because she derives strength from deep emotions of love for her parents.  We know of course that really unleashed that strength on Clarisse when yet again she would taunt Lia branding her mother a criminal.

So far so good and I observed many who didn't start with the show are catching up.  It's really the talk of the town.  It's obvious anywhere we go people are watching Imortal.  Congrats and I can safely say this is probably one of the better directed and conceived shows of Angel Locsin and she's really doing very well.

These kind of meek, wronged heroines is also strong inside and just bidding her time.  Ok this is an old formula but it sure is working because fans can't really wait when Lia finally realizes her full power and strength.

It's two-cornered too because we also have Mateo's dilemma of not knowing who he really is.

Nice interesting show, surely catches interest even from non fans., even those not fond of Vampire and Werewolf stuff can still watch because so far it's been an interesting nice watch.

The park scenes are seriously, actually lets say scripted hehe nevertheless we really have two good actors in Angel and JLC who can charm just as well and they look really good together. :biggrin:

But really nice exchange for their characters, opposites are nevertheless alike in so many ways.  It's great, the characters were well thought of and well executed partic by our leads.  After the loveteam comes more loveteam rivals as Lucas finally becomes a threat? And how about Sam? Will she be used by Mateo so Lia would get jealous?  Of course there's still Clarisse very much into Mateo but that was some scolding from Mateo :P

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