Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 12

Review written by: Angeladik

On with episode 12 where Lia hurriedly leaves after trying to apologize to a very shaken, perhaps fearful (?) Clarisse.  Their encounters will pave the way for yet another rival for Lia in Sam who's trying to get close to Clarisse.

Scenes back home with Nanay Tabs are always heartwarming. I think I was crying again in that scene where Lia was expressing how tired she is and all her struggles wishing she actually becomes a full fledged Lobo particularly when she looked at the mark left by Lucille and her wounded back.

I really love the approach of the director and this is seen best in a lot of the dramatic scenes of Angel and the encounters of Lia and Clarisse although stereotypical pro-antagonist are not in so much as typical Pinoy drama although its there

Then we find another good combination in Lucas and Mateo perhaps less dramatic than the women, but its the same smooth approach to their roles that everything looks natural and makes for good interesting story telling.

V.V. is back for this episode and has this one on one mother-daughter encounter as mother lets out her little secret to her trustee lobo.  So how did it turn out? As Lucille, V.V. was expected to at least show calm to the bratty daughter until she looses patience.

As when Lia sent Clarisse thrown off I dunno perhaps Lucille is actually a tolerant mother to Clarisse. Nope she doesn't want to loose her cool as she figures out if her plan to abort Lia's lobo transformation was a success.  So guess that scene was all that was required no further dramas for mother and daughter.  Besides, there's the more important business of finding out if Lia indeed will transform eventually.

Another secret is also open something I actually suspected...that Lucas might be Lucille's son and that's part of Simon's interest in Waya Inc.

Being the playboy that he is, there are hints already he's interested in Lia but says he'll just play around as usual.  Will "brothers" become enemies later?  Lets hope they can keep up with more twists and turns and this makes the show really interesting all the time story wise.

In spite good scenes from our main leads and their best counterparts, Clarisse and Lucas, the story element is still the center of any good series.  Vangie L. is a very welcome reliable support as Nanay Tabs just as effective as the younger actress who played the younger version.

This time Magnus is not around as Sam again makes her moves with Tom around as usual, ok I thought their scene together perhaps better this time...yup Maricar is back gaining ground.

Part of the last scene after Sam and Clarisse part ways is Lia entering the Elle Tower riding the elevator while Sam is on her way out of the bldg on the elevator as well.  A little suspense there for their first meeting.  The Sam and Clarisse pretentious encounters, imagine Clarisse clueless?  Once she finds out how will she be reprimanded by mom Lucille?

We almost have zero Lia -Mateo encounter here except for what was left of episode 11 as Lia hurriedly left the posh restaurantf after the bruising flying encounter with Clarisse.

As Lia slowly starts her own transformation so does Mateo.  Clearly their first meeting was like ignited these changes.  It all happened that fateful first night probably it was the right time..The moon was full?

Blood tears? Blurred at first later clearer sharper vision for Mateo while Lia slowly showing signs of strength. Lia of course knows who she is while Mateo is yet to discover but will handle it himself and only Lucas knowing his "secret".  Part of the excitement of course is their respectve journeys to become who they are and doing so together with all the other personalities in their lives adding more spice and excitement

I have a feeling Sam and Lia won't meet at the elevator. Lia might decide to not go straight to the floor level of Clarisse office where she's her E.A.  The writer is not about to do things abruptly.  Episode 12 is better as it's a much longer episode unlike episode 11 which I found too abrupt and short and didn't tackle much with just one very short Lia Mateo your mouth is open encounter.

Teasers we find Clarisse in some field trip with Mateo tagging along and Lia yet again there this time the lobo henchmen of Lucille are out to prove she's transformed while Sam's Vampire henchmen are in the lookout for Lia.

Through all this, Mateo is also undergoing his own discovery journey about himself and the woman he has fallen for but isn't made up yet about her. I meant Mateo hasn't made up his mind yet about Lia..Things will happen gradually of course...lets just say less of the too short episodes becoz after all each and every episode we do a lot of waiting and its unfair to do epi much better epi 12 in terms of story handling more scenes this time

It was suggested Lucas making up his mind about Lia but he saying as he usually does it's nothing serious. There Mateo seems not liking the idea but still doesn't really care so much...yet.  Of course we are made aware of Mateo's own issues and from there where would Lia figure in? :biggrin:

It seems the writer wants Lucas to stay Mr. Likeable Guy so perhaps whatever romance they'll create for him and Lia will be as short lived as his flings or will it be?  For the sake of Rico B. likeability grade, I suggest they just leave Angel for JLC here unless yes they give us a better rival leading man.  Like I've been saying Rico B. just found himself a good role almost tailor made for him and he's doing well. It's clearly obvious the tension is mostly among the womenso if Lucas joins the frame? Will it be good for his so far Mr Guardian Angel to both our leads?  Would they make him the most hated character in doing so?  From Likeable friend to both leads to hated rival ?  For me its better for Rico B. to work the support role and not be thrust into hated character all at been saying he's doing well. probably on his next project hopefully not Angel as any sort of romantic interest.

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