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Imortal: review of episode 11

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 11's moves on when just as I thought there would be more fireworks, just like Mateo suppressing his feelings of attraction towards Lia, the story seems to prefer to keep us viewers hanging.  The teaser for episode 11 was supposed to be full of excitement but Direk chose to keep us waiting, something not exactly welcome with Angel Locsin's fans in particular although let's see if there's something else they're cooking up for us or just delaying tactics.

The Sam-Magnus scenes really lack the "feel" I dunno is it a case of lackluster particularly on the side of Magnus?  There are scenes again and it doesn't help that the other Vampire guy who likes Sam doesn't really give me the "feel" as well.

Then comes the bar scene of Lucas and Sam.  Okay, is there something between them?  Unlike Sam's more dramatic scene with Danilo B. here Sam just tames down a bit.  Let's see if they need more energy.  Of course it's an aborted plan since Mateo saves the day for Lucas who's forever seemingly a lady's man.

For me Mateo or JLC comes out the best in that sequence since am wanting more energy particularly on Maricar's encounter with the still effective Rico B. who in fact has made quite a good connection with the characters of both main leads in Mateo and Lia, good for him.

The first Lucas-Sam encounter at the ball was definitely way better and this 2nd one more coy a bit too routine or perhaps the 2nd meeting lost a lot of the exciting mystery of the first meeting.

As to the 2nd Lucas-Lia encounter yet another awkward somehow Mateo-related one again, Lia is caught up once again in another less than flattering situation chasing every taxi in desperation.  Somehow Lucas is always cool and in control whenever Lia finds herself in these so uncool situations and like he is to Mateo like his Soul Saviour, to Lia her accidental guardian Angel?

The energy is there, required for the desperate Lia and Lucas is there to save the day once more.  So far Rico B. shows us he owns his role and it's ok if he stays just a helpful soul to Lia just as he is to Mateo.  No romantic insuations please although as usual the lady's man in Lucas prevails.

Angel as well stays on target as Lia, that serious kind and dutiful type but determined and her seemingly docile well in fact is not a hindrance to her seeking the truth.   Angel plays a role that can sometimes be contradicting since we see she seems just to bid for the right time we know she's about to unleash her "other" side eventually and the events leading up to it so far very good.

I have to say the same for JLC particulrly in the bar scene with Sam.  There he owns the scene as Sam just couldn't do her thing and rendered helpless and frustrated.

Now this is where my most effective antagonist so far comes in. True, Clarisse might be another stereotypical Bitch but we have to say it, she definitely has the energy required and still remains smooth and she comes on very strong in this role.  Her scenes with Lia are so perfect bitching around and it gives Imortal the spark we need for Lia's rise eventually.

Whereas we are still very much in anticipation of the Lia -Sam first blood encounter.  Somehow looks like the best protagonist-antagonist encounters might just have to come from the unknown actress Nina who's making Lia's future heroine the perfect preparation.

Dutifully tending to her "boss" at the office as E.A. Lia has to close her dress Zipper, bring new clothes for her at an expensive resto at short notice, serving coffee, letting her hand out invitations and gifts personally like a messenger and to top it all jealousy and insecurity scratching Lia's back causing some bleeding.

Now she was really asking for it and that's when some inner strength from Lia in self defense sent Clarisse literally flying.  But no that scene was cut short. Clarisse must have retreated right away and Lia finding her back bleeding had to retreat as well while Mateo was left downstairs waiting for the wardrobe change.

Eventually Clarisse would report Lia to the Waya Council as pretending to have skipped turning into a full fledged Lobo but in reality was just hiding it from them to again press the fact that they are traitors keeping secrets from the Lobos

Lia usually gets emotional when her mother Lyka is being accused of being a traitor pent up emotions as she's once again upset with how Mateo treats her too.  Yeah, Lia in fact is attracted as well to Mateo but she's a fighter in spite that.

We have yet another Lia-Mateo encounter perhaps too short but nevertheless producing the desired impact. only its just as short as the teaser, almost.

So how's episode 11?  It just kept us hanging and wondering.  Should they be giving us more?  Or everything does really need to be done in short installments?

Lets hope we will be getting more for episode 12

Teaser shows more training for Sam.  The problem though here is looks like she's made to feel too inadequate most of the time by her mentor adoptive dad Magnus its like tiresome dont you think? Nagger Dad?  Maricar can actually look the part too but perhaps in spite of the forever chided child role I feel she should be showing more fierce maybe it's Maricar's manner of speaking.

I dunno there's something missing that with the other child antagonist Clarisse is sufficiently there - that fierceness we want to see.  Or perhaps it's her role having a nagger of a father :aghast:  Anyway on the Vampire side that seems not to be a problem for the confident role of Mateo so am I complaining about Sam? Perhaps it's not necessary.  The role might have called for it to begin with.

For this episode there's no partic one standout but the notables here would be Clarisse, Lucas, Lia and Mateo, perhaps we want more Lia and Mateo next?  We hardly saw Lucille this there...Nanay Tabs and Lia are always heartwarming nice scenes :glad:

I think Maricar might also be disadvantaged sharing most of her scenes with the other Vampire cast...Magnus and what's the name of that Vampire henchman?  Could Magnus been Albert M. what would the effect have been on Maricar's Sam?  Once again when casting its just as important to have the right actors there.  That role at first looked better at the start maybe he was "younger" then but later reduced to a nagger of a father.

I dunno but for me those 2 roles of Lucille and Magnus really required intense actors and been reading it's the school of underacting from some comments but for me no that's not the case.  Subdued acting is fine but you still see the inner emotions and character which from my personal observation I think both actors are not consistent with their internalization of their can see it in instances when they're not just there rather lackluster for me

One of the best scenes of subdued acting for me in Lobo was the clip sent for the iEmmys after Lyka's first transformation

I don't like to contradict comments from the fan sites but seeing Magnus again here in episode 11 I dunno it's a major big time role still even if he appears more briefly in this episode and the bad thing he's not helping Sam's role sharing most of their scenes together.

Like been saying this is one of Maricar's biggest roles to date, one that would elevate her to acting prominence in probably her first all out antagonist role.  We all know she can do classy finesse lady roles very well and although this requires some finesse too we need more fierce intensity and hope to see more in later episodes and top Clarisse in this category.  We are aware perhaps this is not the more comfort zone role for Maricar becoz she's at her best playing the quiet, classy, finesse lady that's her forte for sure so this attempt for versatility is a challenge for her.

Now who would be a better tailor fit for Sam? Melissa R. appears frequently nowadays as antagonist would she do better...remember Maricar is smooth classy as Sam will Melissa have done well here too doing that?   Maybe Melissa I was thinking can be more fierce? or perhaps Maricar will really prove me wrong in later episodes? Yup, I think she will still show off so waiting for that.

hehe with Imortal you just know there's this kind of intensity we classy for the Vampires but that quiet intensity should be there I believe...well I dunno if you agree with me nicks? you can actually contradict me its ok...just figuring things out.

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