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Imortal: review of episode 10

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 10 and I actually missed the review portion and the bedroom scene with bff Miriam. So far it's all been good for Angel, required in almost every scene to be intense but doing them quite well.   Some were really outstanding!  It's good there's a blogsite to catch up on so realized I didn't really miss much...its still ok.  

So on now with the actual episode 10, starts with Lia's return from being detained by Lucille and cohorts.  We find a well acted scene for the cast there.  What I like about it is it comes out natural and just the right amount of drama.  Angel is really hitting the nail with the right emotions for the scenes

It's like there would be like a lot of emotions required for the role of Lia and so far Angel Locsin's effortlessly natural and I think way better than Lyka in Lobo.  This is a way better Angel I think.  There's a better understanding for the role and the director's style is evidently less dramatic fuss so even intense scenes come out naturally.

Then scenes of JLC and Rico where Lucas seems to be the good guy and like Mateo's soul saviour although not exactly a role model but still makes him "human."

More doses of Lia getting pissed off each time by Mateo to create more of that tension between them. Like a roller coaster. After almost getting there suddenly love turns to hate but I still like him thing while the guy is seriously repressing his own strong feelings of attraction.

Actually both are, and alike in so many ways too even if Lia is the "humane" sensitive, heroic to Mateo's coldness and repression of warmth and feelings.  Both Lia and Mateo are kind of serious persons who probably need a more exciting love life and yeah they actually found each other.  But as to when they'll give in is part of the things viewers will look out for.

The usual cold hearted role is something JLC is probably adept too by now and both Angel and JLC's roles require this kind of level of intensity that has to be in check too.  It's still very pop culture though hehe beause of the premise and the romance here.  Foreign influence is there actually in terms of pop culture treatment.  Why? We've seen a lot of this actually in foreign made productions while Lobo has more of the Pinoy drama style.

It might have been used before but the writers have chosen a good premise where their romance would revolve, a love/hate thing, suppressed feelings, haunted past for both characters, both requiring them to be intense in most scenes if not all, and so far both delivering the goods - or maybe Angel's high opinion of JLC might be a factor.

Nevertheless, it's all good and JLC is there to reciprocate. There might be episodes where it's obvious Angel's made to take center stage attention where she really owns certain episodes as been pointed out for previous episodes.

One of scenes you remember here too has to be the serving coffee in the office sequence with Lia, Lucille, Clarisse and Mateo.  When Mateo chides Lia for being weak in front of her superiors its as if Mateo telling her why you can do that to me but you cant to them...nevertheless showing he cares? :glad:

Episode 10 is way better this time for V.V. and she better be, as the actress playing her daughter might unintentionally outshine her in this category of our protagonist's main adversaries.

Unknown cast members, a pleasant revelation. For this episode, let's talk about the two not so familiar actresses, the one playing Miriam, her role as bff short and of course the meatier part of Clarisse played by a certain Nina Dolido [nicky: Dolino :)] right?  This has to be special mention because you pointed it out earlier why we have unknowns here as supporting cast.

Well perhaps one of the reasons, Angel herself might be one notch better here, thanks to the broader minded directors who handle scenes in not the dragging fashion,  is the very good contribution from these two supporting actresses.

Nina, the other main rival of Lia, is doing really well better than V.V. although here mother Lucille made up for what I noticed was an amateurish exchange with an on target Angel in the previous episode's heated exchange.

We all know coming soon is Maricar and we know she's given here a role that can really move her to antagonist prominence and even as an actress she can really shine.  So far she's looking good and doing what's required in the typical Maricar studious intelligent actress fashion.

Only Nina here has this aplomb you wouldnt really expect from a common looking antagonist.  For one sometimes she looks a lot like the bff of Lia although being nasty to Lia you know right away who's who.

We might argue that Nina has this stereotypical bitchy daughter role but it still comes out very noticeably because she's a natural and believe me in that kind of stereotypical role sometimes it becomes exaggerated but here she's smooth.

So no it's not a bad idea to put unknowns if they can do better than known actors and part of the success of Imortal is not only Angel JLC but from the cast as well.

While the actress playing Miriam's role is shorter and less meatier, she's likewise another natural and this is evident in her bedroom scene with her bff roommate and almost sister Lia.

It's now becoming obvious too Rico's role was well really chosen and taken cared of.  It's almost the writer want viewers to like him.  I think he's getting spoiled here.  The good thing though is he's not doing badly, another good addition to the cast, and Angel obliges in their scene together after Lia gets yet another emotional beating from Mateo.

That scene of Angel and Rico looked so natural I would have loved it had it been Sam Milby hehe, almost a scene straight out of Only You.  They were really so natural in that scene if only I was into Rico then that would have been a threat for JLC.

But you have to commend the guy, he's a smoothie and perhaps in real life too, the way he looked at Sam in the previous episodes.  I would go more for them than the obvious attempts of writers for Sam and her adoptive dad Magnus. Maricar actually blends well with more mature actors and with the Magnus guy Jake R. right?

While all this is surrounding our main leads Angel and JLC, taking on their roles in winning fashion so far, and providing the heroine anti hero romance dynamics to the watchability of the series especially to young fans who just love to be entertained by romantic stuff.

Episode 11. Up next...from Lia to Clarisse and next is Sam...the girls are all attracted to Mateo, the cold-hearted calculating ambitious young man.  Here we see however that instead of being attracted to the cold bitchy girls Clarisse and Sam, he's found himself more attracted to his opposite Lia, the idealistic young heroine with a heart.

We remember that the young Mateo was ambitious but he was also a loving son until his father left him and then his adoption by a mysterious, calculating Simon.  Lia we know will rekindle that goodness in Mateo as that's the premise of their love story...enjoy! :biggrin: Oh, but where their love hate relationship will take them first?  Let's see where will the writers take us? :P

Action scenes galore coming but didn't see Lia yet do much except that show of strength push that sent Clarisse literally flying.  Aside from the unveiling of the strong powers of the anointed ones of their tribe and how this will figure out in protagonists' blossoming love for each other.

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