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Another powerful fantaserye comes via ‘Imortal’

This is a nice write up on Imortal I found from Asian Journal portal so I am re-posting it here ...

Credit: Asian Journal
Published: October 1, 2010 in Red Carpet Magazine

Angel Locsin and John Loyd Cruz THE success of the 2008 Emmy-nominated fantaserye Lobo has paved the way for a sequel via Imortal.

Teaming up for Imortal are two of the most-talented and finest young actors of this generation—John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. This exciting new series will mark its way on Philippine TV screens this month.

Directed by Chino S. Roño— who did the hit horror movies Feng Shui and Sukob—and Jerry Lopez Sineneng, Imortal revolves around the legendary battle between the vampires and the werewolves. With the vampires wanting to walk free on earth without the threat of being hunted by the werewolves; and the werewolves co-existing with humankind to better protect them from the vampires. The story will depict the fight for power, territory, and extraordinary love.

Angel was in Lobo as Lyka, opposite Piolo Pascual (as Noah). The role earned Angel a nomination at the 37th International Emmy awards for the Best Performance by an Actress category.

In Imortal, Angel will be playing as Lia Ortega, the daughter of the she-wolf Lyka and Noah, a human.

The story centers on Lia, who belongs to the pact of the Taong Lobo (half wolf, half human). The Taong Lobo pact conceal their identities as owners of Waya Incorporated; here, Lia finds herself in a constant struggle as she tries to clear her mother’s stained reputation and reclaim her spot in the pact.

Matinee idol John Lloyd Cruz, on the other hand, is casted as Mateo Rodriguez; a man who tries to forget his past by doing the best he can to be worthy of being the right hand man of his surrogate father, Simon (played by Johnny Revilla), a real estate tycoon from Waya Incorporated.

Mateo falls in love with Lia, and is bound to be caught in a rift between his love for the latter and his true identity as a vampire.

An admitted amateur in the fantasy-horror scene, John Lloyd shared in an interview that he and the rest of the Sangre vampire clan had to go through Mix Martial Arts training in preparations for the fight scenes. When asked about how he felt working with Angel for the first time, John Lloyd admitted in an interview that there were inevitable awkward stages during the first days of their shoot; but says he is looking forward for his friendship with Angel to blossom as they work together on the set.


On Angel’s part, she said she really wanted to do action roles; she even shared in a separate interview on PEP that she is willing to do her own stunts in fight scenes (as long as she can manage) even if it takes her all morning.

The young actress also said that she is always looking forward to be working with John Lloyd because she learns a lot from the actor personally and professionally.

"Nakita ko kung paano siya nagpe-prepare sa eksena, kaya pala ang galing niya, kasi iba ang dedication niya sa career niya (I’ve seen how he prepares for a scene, now I know why he became such a good actor, it’s because of his dedication to his career)," Angel said and added, "Pag pupunta siya ng set, memorize na niya ang script niya, napaka-professional (He arrives at the set with his scripts all memorized, very professional). ‘Pag tinawag ‘yan, tatayo agad ‘yan kahit bagong gising at alam niya ang gagawin niya (When they call for him, he gets up immediately and he already knows what to do)."


Aside from expected great performances from John Lloyd and Angel, Imortal gathers both the finest and the promising actors of today to complete the powerhouse production.

Imortal will also mark the debut of Rico Blanco in Philippine television scene. Rico is known to be a former band member of the famous local band Rivermaya; it also came quite a surprise for most people that he also did acting prior to Imortal.

Joining the cast aside from Rico are Maricar Reyes (as Samantha Imperial), Jomari Yllana (as Roman Rodriguez), Jake Roxas (as Magnus Imperial), Jaime Fabregas (as Abraham Villamor from Lobo), Vivian Velez (as Lucille Zaragosa),Niña Dolino (as Clarisse Zaragosa), and Johnny Revilla (as Simon Teodoro).

Imortal will premiere on Philippine television October 4.

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