Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Angel Locsin on Celebrity Recipes Magazine Cover

September-October 2010 Issue

Credit: Celebrity Recipes Magazine

Angel Locsin Soaring High

Since spreading her wings in showbiz, this “angel” has not gone anywhere else but up

Beautiful, sexy and talented. It could not be anyone else but Angel Locsin.

We have been lucky to witness two important events in the life of this actress, definitley one of the loveliest to grace both the silverscreen and boobtube.

As one of the most bankable stars to date, Angel is also a favorite endorser–shampoo, apparel particularly those slim and sexy jeanswear, cosmetics etc. And early this year, she was chosen by Mosbeau as its signature image model and top brand, Century Tuna. On both occasions, we saw not only a beautiful woman but one who is healthy, fit and ready to take on challenges. It only means that those trusted brands know that if Angel is associated with them, then the public’s approval is sure to follow.

Yes, it’s something that only a few celebrities enjoy–true trust. Some maybe talked about but it’s because of intrigues; some others are dogged by unending and muddy controversies; still some are visible because their lifestyle is fodder for tabloids and television talk shows.

However, Angel is of a different mold. Despite her being a very public figure, she does not get into nasty controversies. Instead, she stays focused and determined. In every film or TV series that she does, the public sees a renewed artist. It’s as if, she is reborn with every project and the audience gets to encounter a more polished artist.

For more on Angel, grab a copy of the September-October issue of Celebrity  Recipes magazine. Available at all National Book Stores and selected trade outlets.

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