Saturday, August 28, 2010

Watch out for the Website of Angel Locsin's Imortal

Watch out for the launch of the website of Imortal, Angel Locsin's most-anticipated upcoming TV series with John Lloyd Cruz.  To visit the site, click here.  Check it out on the 1st of September.

I am looking forward to what the site will offer.  From the looks of it, it appears ABS-CBN is using the Internet to reach out to online viewers since netizens were given the privilege to have the first glimpse of Imortal. From the first teaser that was released online in` last week of June and to this second teaser that was released last 26th of August at mychosdotcom channel in youtube.

Up next is the Imortal website at  What can we expect from this website?

First is the user-generated-content.  From the term itself, it means the contents will be supplied by online users.  I initially thought the site will be providing tools or utilities that will allow us to generate our own episode hehe.  Looking closely at screen capture from the teaser, it looks like online users will be given an option to upload their entries, view all uploaded entries and I suppose the website administrator will choose which artworks will be featured or voted for.

Imortal site

The second feature is the role-playing game (RPG).  I don't know why the sample RPG in the teaser does not bear any similarity to the lead characters of Imortal.  I neither saw a lycan nor a vampire also.  I hope this feature will be ready on website launch.  

Imortal site

The third feature is the webisodes. This term is a derived word from web and episode but of course we could not expect to view the whole episode here.  I suppose we will get to see some selected video clips to know more about the characters or the story.  This is a good strategy to gain more interests from online viewers.

Imortal site

I had problems with ABS-CBN's websites in the past so I hope this time the response time in loading frames and requests will be faster.  Lastly, I hope this website has been created with mobile users taken into consideration as well like iPhone and iPad users.

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