Sunday, August 15, 2010

Netizens Prefer Luis Manzano over John Lloyd Cruz for Angel Locsin

In the two weeks poll survey carried out by Twilight Angels blog here in view of preferred leading man for Angel Locsin in ABS CBN's TV show "Your Song", netizens have surprisingly chosen Luis Manzano over John Lloyd Cruz.  Luis garnered a high 61% of victory support from 211 unique visitors who participated in the poll. 

Luis and Angel (left); Angel and John Lloyd (right)

Seeing the good on-screen chemistry of Angel and Luis in recently released Myra E TV commercial, supporters of this couple has been anticipating for another on-screen project for them.

Both Luis and John Lloyd have not worked with Angel in the past except for two TV commercials of Luis with Angel and pairing of John Lloyd with Angel in ABS CBN's previous two station IDs.  Interestingly, Luis and John Lloyd played as gay lovers in Star Cinema movie "In My Life" that was released last year. 

Angel is currently busy taping with John Lloyd their much anticipated TV series, Imortal, which is their first project together.  ABS CBN is set to air Imortal "soon".

Below is the screen capture of the actual poll result.  Note that the poll question about "Your Song" is hypothetical and there is no such project for Angel at present.  Thank you angels for participating.

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