Friday, August 6, 2010

Imortal to Premiere Soon!

Is this photo familiar?

This was taken from the video clip of the taping of the upcoming TV series, Imortal, of Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz. I would expect that by now you have seen similar photos or video clips countless times since SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) and other entertainment shows in ABS-CBN have been using the same video clip for over a month now.

If you ask when is the airing date of Imortal? The answer is soon! That is because you will not get any definite answer from ABS-CBN and all they can say is soon.

How about Huling Sayaw, the movie of Angel with Aga Muhlach? The answer is "no play date yet". By the way, ABS-CBN has confirmed yesterday that John Lloyd is going to do a movie with Toni Gonzaga that will be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina and will be released in November.

Perhaps someone can give a calendar to ABS-CBN and Star Cinema because they find it difficult to commit a date when it comes to Angel's projects.

Incidentally, the movie of Gretchen with Angel that was planned for December will be done next year and hopefully a movie also with John Lloyd. Personally, I am not raising my hopes up until I see them happening because ABS-CBN is good in changing plans at midstream.

Going back to the above photo, that was taken during the taping of Imortal's masquerade party scene at the Mansion that is located in the Enclave in Pampanga. I found from Rajo's blog these nice photos of the Mansion and I am re-posting them here so we can have an idea about the location site. Perhaps this scene is one of the highlights in the early part of the story and the venue itself looks cool. Check out Rajo's blog here for more details and here for our previous story.

The multi-level club

The club room

The Bar

Leading to dance hall

Entrance to dance hall

The facade

*Photos credit to Rajo's blog.

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