Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Angel Locsin leaves for Japan to shoot "Huling Sayaw"

Angel Locsin finally left for Japan with Aga Muhlach yesterday morning for filming of their movie "Huling Sayaw" with a target play date in February 2011.

PEP reported in its interview with Aga that he has not done that many scenes yet with Angel.  He noted however that Angel is very hardworking.  He found Angel's schedule very tiring because from filming of their movie, Angel just take a bath and head out again to taping of Imortal. 

Movie Filming.  Aga shared that the scope of this movie is big and very ambitious.  The characters of Angel and Aga were dancers in the past so the movie will show numerous flashbacks.  It will show what happened to dance group members like Manouevers where some got involved in business and others in farming.  Some important scenes will be filmed in Japan where Aga's character will be jailed.  After 8 years, he will go back to his province where Angel stays also.  Their characters will cross the path of a powerful but corrupt local politician.  Obviously, we will expect guns and killings here but I still hope this will not be another typical story.  Red camera is used in filming this movie.  Click here for a sample video shot on the Red.  It is recommended to watch it in HD. 

Dance Scenes.  Apart from Angel's pole dancing, other dances that will be featured in the movie are hip-hop, pasa-doble, tango, and rumba.  A lot of hours are spent in long rehearsals which is normally done from 10 am to 6 pm.  I am looking forward in seeing Angel and Aga fighting it out in tango.  I heard there are similarities between Muay Thai and Argentine tango and we know Angel knows Muay Thai.  I so want to see them intensely dancing with charged emotion challenging each other as the music speed up and intensify till the finale.

Dennies Asaral, a make-up artist, posted in Twitter that other casts who also left for Japan are Joshua Zamora of Manouevers and Michael Flores.  Director Olive Lamasan along with other crews left earlier to do ocular site inspection.  

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