Friday, July 30, 2010

A Friend of an Angel

I am feeling blue.

Seeing a beautiful friendship getting separated by distance, albeit temporarily, is sorrowful so it must be a hundredfold for Angel Locsin today who has to say goodbye to her best friend Clotilde 'Lani' Ilyo, whom she fondly call 'Goy' (a derived nick name from monkey's local term 'unggoy'). Lani is flying out of the country tonight to California.

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Angel first met Lani on the set of Vic Sotto's TV sitcom, "Daddy DiDoDu", when Angel was still new in showbiz and Lani tried acting. The two ladies became closer when Lani later worked at the office of Angel's former manager and the friendship continued even when Lani transferred to another job. To know more about the friendship between Angel and Lani, check out Lani's interview at Inquirer. To see how affected Angel is with the physical separation, check out her tweets from yesterday to-date at her twitter account.

Check out also this video tribute, credit to chysey1623@youtube ...

Personally, I was happy to see that Angel retained her friendship with Lani and included her in Angel's group outing with celebrity friends. That's what I call a real friend and if you find a friend like Angel, treasure that friend because that's a rare find.

Here are videos of Lani with Angel and her celebrity friends including Apl De Ap, video credit to saabmagalona@youtube.

In this first video, you will see Lani at Angel's right.

This second video was taken together with the above video. Although I could not see Lani clearly here, it is nice to see Angel enjoying a night out with friends.

In this third video, you will see Lani at Angel's left.

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