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Dialogue of Raymond Gutierrez with Angel Locsin

I rarely re-post an entire article in this blog but this is too good not to be kept for my Angel's collection. I find Raymond articulate and was looking forward for his fresh perspective on Angel since their shoot on the 24th of June. After reading the article, I would say Raymond lives up to my expectation. Here's behind the scene photo shared by Bubbles Paraiso in Twitter, who did Angel's makeup and I suppose the shots for the article were taken by Raymond himself. Raymond shared in his Twitter that sometimes the biggest stars are the easiest to work with.

I saw this article two midnights ago and immediately shared the link through our Twitter account. This article was supposed to get published last week. Nevertheless, it is worth the wait. For those who missed reading the article, here's the extract from Philippine Star.

Angel Locsin: I love love
The Dialogue by Raymond Gutierrez (July 9. 2010)

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She’s a rarity in the cutthroat, dog-eat-dog business of show. The intrigues she has endured didn’t leave her bitter, and her countless achievements didn’t send her ego towards the sky. Angel Locsin — household name and this generation’s most unforgettable heroine — is in fact one of the most humble people in show business. Many can attest to the natural good-heartedness of the actress who once famously took the MRT (despite owning a Hummer and several other vehicles) to ensure she arrived on set without being late, a shining example of punctuation lacking from a handful of newer stars.

When you start talking to Angel you get a sense of wisdom more suited to industry veterans. She’s softspoken, calm and sure of herself — with no need to put on a pretentious act. Her demeanor — matched by the knockout curves splashed on billboards everywhere — has won her a top spot on FHM’s “2010 Sexiest Women in the Philippines” list, where she placed ahead of 99 other celebrities.

Soon on the big screen, she’ll be pole-dancing her way straight to Aga Muhlach’s heart as she portrays a club entertainer (the bulk of the movie will be shot in Japan). Having confessed that the role will have her do a lot of things she’s uncomfortable with, she has set up a pole in the middle of her living room to prepare for the film. On television, she will soon reprise her role as a werewolf in the fantasy series Imortal, where she gets feisty opposite John Lloyd Cruz and Rico Blanco. With barely any free time these days, Angel Locsin manages to squeeze us in and opens her doors to “The Dialogue.”

YOUNG STAR: You’re a tough chick at heart, when was the last time you cried?

ANGEL LOCSIN: As much as possible I don’t show it kapag umiiyak ako. Hindi ko din sinasabi sa tao. The last time I cried was not so long ago. There are things you don’t expect, like how some people treat you. Ayokong iyakan ang mga bagay na hindi naman dapat iyakan. Pero mababaw ang luha ko.

Your image has launched countless products. If you could change one physical feature on yourself what would it be?

Well, I’ve been in the industry for seven years now, so kung may papalitan ako, for sure people would know. But I’d rather be more fit.

What’s a random skill or habit that most people don’t know you’re capable of doing?

Mahilig ako mag-luto. I took baking lessons before and I like experimenting with recipes because I used to live alone in a condo. My specialty dish is Adobo sa Dilaw, where I use dilaw na luya for the dish.

What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

I wasn’t an actress yet at that time and sana I pushed through with college. I can still do it, but sana na-experience ko how it is to have batchmates and the whole college culture. So I would advise myself to pursue that.

Which film made an impact on your life?

Since I have a lot I’ll just answer the latest one, Toy Story 3. I liked the storyline, (about) how one deals with the changes going on around you, and how you adapt. Society is forever changing and you need to know how to deal with it. Hindi na pwede yung relax relax lang.

Who are you a fan of?

Isa sa sobrang na-starstruck ako is Ate Vi. I’ve met her a few times already pero never nawawala ang pagka starstruck ko sa kanya. I’m also a fan of my dad — swimmer siya, swimmer ako. Everything he says, I follow. In terms of acting, si Angelica Panganiban — whenever she’s onscreen, I see the character, not Angelica. She can do comedy and drama very well. I’m also a fan of Anne Curtis, as a person. She’s so nice and genuine.

What do you indulge in during your cheat days?

Everything that I can reach! (Laughs) McDonald’s, chocolates, ice cream, cakes. I love to eat! Every day is a cheat day with me.

You just won as FHM’s “Sexiest Woman” poll. How do you keep in shape?

I’m thankful to everyone who voted for me. I really appreciate it na after five years it’s me again. I keep myself in shape by working out: I do Muay Thai, I run, and I do this new workout video called Insanity.

What’s the worst thing a guy can do on a first date?

Mag pa-cute. Ayoko sa mga guys na maaarte. We can sense it when you’re being fake, so don’t even try. Sa mga guys na nag babasa nito, FYI lang, we can see right through it.

Which celebrity could do with a little more respect from the public?

Iya Villania. I know how good a singer she is and she hasn’t been given a break as a performer. Also Alessandra de Rossi. She’s a great singer, actress and model.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Proud akong sabihin na kung nasaan man ako ngayon, pinaghirapan ko. Walang akong sinagasaang tao to be where I am. Kalimutan na natin ang awards, ang mga gamit, bahay, I’m proud that I worked hard to be where I am.

What’s the worst thing you’ve heard about yourself?

Too many to mention! (Laughs) Try looking for another actress my age that has gone through more intrigues. Usually I don’t listen to false reports, but one that really affected me was during Ondoy. I had no work, I was helping out and I was spending my own money to help out. Then may lumalabas na pera daw yun ng “rich businessman boyfriend” ko. Sobrang hindi totoo so naiyak nalang ako.

How do you prepare for scrutiny?

Tinatawanan ko lang. I just pray because you can’t do anything about it. I just focus my attention on the people that matter to me — my family, my friends and the people who support me.

Do you have any regrets?

None. Aside from going to college, I don’t regret any of my decisions. Career-wise, I’m happy. All of my decisions I learned something from and I stand by them.

What’s your most memorable role?

My role in Mulawin because that’s where it all started. People accepted it, loved it and until now people still love my character Alwina.

What’s the most painful thing love has taught you?’

I really don’t know. Getting hurt or disappointed is never a reason for us to stop believing in love. Kung may ibibigay si God na mas perfect for me in the future, ok lang din ako sa mga ibang ibibigay muna sakin. Masarap ma-“in love.” I love love.

If you were to join a reality, which one would it be?

If it’s physical challenges then I’m game to join any. I just don’t like when they make you eat weird things. I want to join Survisor, but minus the eating part.

What should be first on the new President’s agenda?

Sana tutukan ng government ang education. It’s the most important for future generations: increased salaries for teachers, nicer classrooms, and plenty of school supplies.

- end -

Here's another article, this time from Manila Bulletin. I like this type of article because it gives a glimpse on Angel's personality not as a celebrity but on her personal dream outside the limelight and her advocacy; using her superstar status to raise awareness on the plight of less fortunate.

Earth Angel: Actress and advocate Angel Locsin
by Rachel C. Barawid and Angelo G. Garcia (July 20, 2010)

This photo is not part of the article. Photo credit to schiltzs' Twitter

It's easy to think of Angel Locsin as some sort of superheroine.

After all, the 25-year-old actress has essayed superheroine roles for so many times, first flying out of television screens and into viewers’ hearts with her breakout role as “Alwina” in the 2003 fantaserye “Mulawin”, and then as the iconic “Darna” in 2005.

But more than just playing the roles of strong women, Angel has proven herself to be one in real life.

Despite being saddled with a father slowly going blind and some other showbiz issues, Angel has chosen to take action rather than wallow. Her father’s blindness was what drove her to showbiz in the first place, and still motivates her up to now.

Angel’s courage has extended to causes outside of her family. She works alongside women’s rights group Gabriela, and rallies around the children orphaned by the conflict in Mindanao.

Most recently, she has organized the Shop and Share online auctions, which raised one million pesos for the victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

“Nakatingin lang ako sa mga ibang gamit ko kasi at that time naghahanap ako kung ano bang puwede kong maibigay. Hindi ko naman maibibigay ‘yung mga bags ko, parang hindi naman tama,” she explains. “So naisip ko bakit kaya hindi na lang i-auction, tapos ‘yung funds can benefit those who were affected by the flood.”

Her good work is not without its rewards. Angel has emerged as one of the most bankable endorsers of her generation, becoming

the face of products like Century Tuna, Head and Shoulders, and Folded and Hung.

And just like any superheroine, she longs for a quiet alter ego away from the public eye — Teacher Angel perhaps?

In this quick fire 60 Minutes interview, Angel Locsin sheds some light on the person behind the personality. For this earthbound angel, heroic deeds are possible, even without a magic stone. (Ronald S. Lim)

STUDENTS AND CAMPUSES BULLETIN (SCB): During typhoon Ondoy last year, you were one of the first celebrities who rolled up her sleeves, got herself dirtied, and went to the community to help. What made you do this?
ANGEL LOCSIN (AL): Na-inspire ako ng family ko. My older sister works with an NGO (non-government organization) at lagi siyang nagkukuwento sa akin. Pero dumating ‘yung time na sabi ko ayaw kong magkuwento ka sa akin, gusto kong makita.

Kasi siyempre hindi naman puwede na sabi ng ate ko ganito at ganyan, gusto ko may sarili rin akong version.

SCB: But you went beyond giving out relief goods by putting up the Shop and Share project…
AL: After the typhoon, lahat tayo tumulong kung anong kaya nating gawin di ba. Tinanong ako, anak ano bang ibibigay mo, wala ka namang binili sa grocery,wala ka bang ganito? Nakatingin lang ako sa mga ibang gamit ko kasi at that time naghahanap ako kung ano bang puwede kong maibigay. Hindi ko naman maibibigay ‘yung mga bags ko, parang hindi naman tama.

So naisip ko bakit kaya hindi na lang i-auction, tapos ‘yung funds can benefit those who were affected by the flood. Among my friends, the first one to reply was Anne (Curtis). She was also excited about the project. We met the following day agad, then we researched, took photos and them posted on the website.

SCB: How much funds were you able to raise?
AL: One million pesos. The money went straight to Red Cross account and they were the ones who allocated. Binibigyan lang kami ng report. Hindi pa tapos dahil hanggang ngayon tumutulong pa kami. Inaayos lang namin ang mga gamit and Shop and Share will be back. Isa-isa naming pini-pick up ang items, ganoon siya katrabaho. Pero ok lang instead na gumimik ka, at least eto may ginagawa kang something worthy at new na natututunan mo rin naman.

SCB: How did you convince your fellow actors to support the cause?
AL: It was not difficult. Dimples Romana helped us measure the items, write the details and description. People from Red Cross and Chikka helped too. We had many volunteers, even photographers.

‘Yung office ko punong-puno ng mga gamit!

SCB: Why do you think many supported your cause?
AL: Kasi sabi nga nila dito sa bansa natin, everyone’s a hero. Ngayon naniniwala na ako sa suporta ng Filipino. Kaya siguro sa Miss Universe laging panalo ang Filipino sa Miss Photogenic kasi ang Filipino andiyan talaga, kahit walang wala na, gusto pa rin talaga tumulong.


SCB: A lot of people also do not know that you support an advocacy for the children of Mindanao…
AL: Nakapunta ako last year. Mga lima lang kami. May bodyguards kasi hindi ko pa nakikita ‘yung situation. Gusto kong mag-research kasi ayaw kong magpaapekto kung ano man ‘yung ipinaalam sa atin ng media. Gusto ko makita kung ano ba talaga ang nangyayari doon. Kasi may mga relatives din kami na Muslim. Hindi naman ako nagpupunta ng Mindanao pero gusto ko lang makita ‘yung situation.

SCB: Where in Mindanao did you go?
AL: Sa Marawi. I also went to Lanao kung saan talaga ‘yung giyera.

SCB: Weren’t you scared?
AL: Hindi ako mag-papakaplastic. Siyempre naririnig ko ‘yung mga putok eh. Tapos nung nasa daan kami, nasira ‘yung tulay! Pero kung gusto mo talagang malaman, gusto mong maging aware, kailangan mo magsakripisyo talaga. Hindi naman ako pumunta doon para manghusga.

Actually, hindi ako naniniwala sa away ng mga Muslim at Kristiyano kasi kami Kristiyano welcome kami dun as long as wala namang bastusan sa mga kultura ng isa’t isa.

SCB: When you saw that condition, what went through your mind?
AL: Kasi ang Mindanao, sa totoo lang, sobrang yaman. Magtapon ka lang siguro ng kangkong o kung anong halaman sa gilid, tutubo ‘yun. Ganon ka rich ang lupa ng Mindanao. Kaya nagtataka ako kung bakit ang hirap hirap ng Mindanao eh lahat ng tao doon kayang kumain nang lampas pitong beses isang araw pero bakit hindi nila nagagawa? Ano at sino ang dahilan?

Nakausap ko ang mayor who was younger than me, pero hindi niya alam ang ginagawa niya. I asked him “Bakit ka tumakbo?”

Sagot niya: “Sabi ng daddy ko eh.” Nandoon pa din ang dynasty at ang mga tao wala talagang magawa. ‘Yung mga apektado ng giyera, nililipat sila sa ibang lugar at naiiwan nila ang mga kabuhayan nila. Umaasa na lang sila sa donations, sa relief goods, nawawalan sila ng buhay, nawawalan sila ng kultura.

‘Yun ang problem dun eh. Ang ganda-ganda ng culture ng Muslim, ‘yung mga outfits nila and all pero nawawala kasi walang lupa. Kung walang lupa, walang kultura.

SCB: Aside from Marawi and Lanao, where else in Mindanao did you go?
AL: Nagpunta ako sa lugar ng mga lumads, mga Manobo. Natuwa ako kasi may nakausap akong lolo dun. Tapos umiiyak siya, pakilala ko ako si Gel, hindi niya ako kilala kasi wala namang TV dun kaya puwede kang pumasok na hindi ka nila makikilala.

‘Yung mayor dun nakatingin lang siya na parang kamukha ko si Angel Locsin. Pero bandang huli inamin na rin namin. Sabi nung lolo na umiiyak, dati daw meron na siyang apat sa buong lahi niya na nakatuntong ng Grade 4. Pero ngayon daw, sampu na sa buong angkan niya ang nakapagtapos ng high school. Hindi daw niya maipinta ‘yung kaligayahan niya. So pati ‘yung mga bata, iba ‘yung happiness na pag tinatanong sila, gusto talaga nilang mag-aral.

Ang mga lumads wanderers sila, ‘pag may tao umaalis sila. Ayaw nilang makipag-usap, pag kinakausap mo, nanginginig.

Napatunayan ko ‘yan eh kasi siguro nakikilala nila sa mga notebook na may artista. Sabi nung bata, sinabihan sila na kung sino man ‘yung bisita dapat tahimik sila. Tapos papasok sila sa loob ng kuwarto, sabay sigaw. Kilig! (laughs) Siguro hindi na siya nakatiis, sinabi niya “Ate Angel, thank you ha dinalaw mo kami.” Kasi wala namang artista na dumadalaw sa kanila dun eh. Siguro dahil feeling nila dahil iba itsura nila, pinagtatawanan sila ng mga tao, tingin sa kanila mangmang, eh wala silang karapatan na dalawin. May inferiority.

SCB: Why are you doing this?
AL: Gusto ko pag-usapan na meron palang mga ganitong communities para mas maging aware mga tao. Sana kung may time sila na puntahan din ang mga taong ito, tulungan nila kasi ang galing nila. Sa community nila, zero ang crime rate since 2000. Simula nung pinagbawal uminom, wala nang gumawa ulit.

SCB: Are you doing this for your own satisfaction, even if you’re not affiliated with any humanitarian organization?
AL: Kasama ko lang family ko, ang ate ko. Gusto ko lang ma-experience.

SCB: Joining Gabriela, did the organization also inspire you to do the things that you do now?
AL: Oh yes, very much. I’m really active with Gabriela. Ang ate ko kasi Gabriela. Gumawa ako ng ad before for Gabriela, tapos tuloy tuloy na. Nakita ko kung ano ‘yung ginagawa nila. Hindi lang actually mga babae ang mga tinutulungan nila, pati mga anak, magulang.

SCB: What about the women’s cause that made you support it?
AL: Ilang dekada rin naman na walang boses ang mga babae sa bansa natin. Marami pang mga kababaihan ang takot magsalita, ‘yung mga naabuso kasi nahihiya sila na sabihan na inaabuso sila o takot sila sa mga asawa nila. So kailangan lang nila ng kakampi para lumakas ang loob natin. Andito ang Gabriela para malaman nila ang mga karapatan nila. Hindi naman kasi porke’t Gabriela, aawayin ka na. Pinapaalam lang nila kung ano ‘yung karapatan ng tao para hindi naman mangmang ang tao.


SCB: If you didn’t become an actress, do you think you would have gone to this line of work?
AL: Gusto ko talaga maging teacher eh. Siguro sa education talaga ako mapupunta. (smiles)

SCB: But you took a fashion course in London...
AL: Short course lang ‘yun, ‘yung tipong hindi ko puwedeng maituro sa mga kabataan na parang “O, ayan mag pair kayo ng mga damit” (laughs).

SCB: Are you planning to finish college?
AL: Oo naman,‘pag may time. Nagtitingin na ako ng mga schools.

SCB: Have you always wanted to be a teacher?
AL: Iba-iba eh. Maging madre, militar, doctor, weird choices diba (laughs)? Gusto ko din talagang maging artista. Siguro ‘yung mga changes na nangyayari sa buhay ko nadadala ‘yung gusto ko.

Gusto kong maging teacher ng mga bata. Teachers are the second parents and kids spend more time with the teacher than the parents. So kung sino ‘yung humuhubog sa mga bata at kung nakikita nila ay hindi maganda, nagbebenta-benta ng ulam, nag-uutos sa kanila, ano na lang ang magiging ugali ng anak mo paglaki?

SCB: Is there a teacher who changed your life?
AL: May mga naging teachers ako na okay naman. May mga teachers naman na hindi ko makalimutan because of bad experiences. Like ‘yung nagtatapon ng notebook, ayaw na ayaw ko ‘yun eh! Puwede kayong maging terror eh, sige, pagalitan mo ‘yung estudyante pero ‘wag mong sisirain ‘yung gamit. Siyempre hindi naman lahat ng bata afford bumili ng notebook diba? Tapos ingat na ingat ka sa pagsusulat mo tapos itatapon lang sa bintana. Hindi ko talaga ma-gets...

SCB: Naitapon ang notebook mo?
AL: Oo (laughs). Nung elementary pati high school, kasi pangit daw ‘yung sulat tapos itatapon! Grabe naman kasi ‘yun! Kinuha niya lahat ng notebook namin tapos tinapon. Parang kami, “Bakit? Masyadong mainit ulo mo ha!” Hindi naman ata tama ‘yun. Tapos ‘yung mga nagtitinda ng gulay, ulam. Ako, guilty ako dun, pang PR sa teacher, plus one sa grade. Naiintindihan ko kasi alam naman natin na maliit lang ang suweldo ng mga teachers kaya kailangan nilang mag side line.


SCB: Are there lessons from your parents that you still treasure now?
AL: Madami. Pito kami lahat pero tatlo kami sa side namin. We’re the second family, ako ‘yung pangalawa sa magkakapatid. And I’m the black sheep (laughs). I’m the favorite kasi!

Although mas close ako sa dad ko kasi hiwalay na sila ng mommy ko. I remember ang dad ko, kahit corny, kahit nung elementary pa lang ako, mahilig kasi siya magbigay ng quotes bago ako pumasok. Like ‘yung “‘Pag hindi ka lumingon sa pinanggalingan mo wala kang patutunguhan.” Pinaka important talaga, para sa akin ah, na kahit anong sabihin ng ibang tao, okay lang ‘yan pero kapag ‘yung kapamilya mo na ‘yung nagsalita, makinig ka. Tumatak ‘yan sa akin.

Kapag may intriga hindi ko na iniintindi, iniisip ko na lang sila kasi kapag sila ang nagsalita iba na kasi sila lang naman ang may pakialam sa akin. ‘Yung ibang tao wala naman pakialam sa akin, baka galit lang or opinion lang talaga.

SCB: How were you growing up as a daddy’s girl?
AL: Akala yata ng daddy ko sa akin lalaki ako (laughs). Pag sinabi niyang punch! punch! punch!, punch naman ako. Hindi naman ako boyish, mahilig lang talaga ako sa sports like karate. Athletic talaga ako, swimmer ako since Grade 3. Nag compete ako for the Philippine team dati. Nag top ako nung third year high school. Nung first year ko sa UST (University of Santo Tomas) nag Rookie of the Year pa ako.

SCB: Do you still miss your athlete days?
AL: Oo naman. Kasi mag miss ka lang ng ilang days sa training mo ang laki na nang mawawala sa ‘yo eh paano pa ‘yung ilang years di ba? So, kapag nakikita ko ‘yung mga ka-batch ko, ayoko niyan parang hindi ko na kaya ‘yan. Pero ‘pag may time ako nagsu-swimming pa rin ako. ‘Pag nasa beach ako, pupunta ako dun sa malayong part from the shore, feeling ko kasi walang mangyayaring masama sa akin kapag nasa tubig ako.

SCB: Is that how you relax?
AL: Yes, I’m a beach person.

SCB: What else do you do in your spare time?
AL: Hang-out sa bahay or nasa Fuel Up, bar namin ng friends ko. I also bike, pole dance and do Muay Thai. I’m preparing for my character in a movie that’s why I pole dance.

SCB: How was your experience in attending the Emmy Awards?
AL: It was a proud moment. Ako lang 'yung Asian dun, ang makakasabay mo mga taga Hollywood. Iisipin mo, anong ginagawa ko dito? Ang masaya dun na-appreciate ng tao tapos nagugulat ‘yung mga tao “Uy, Filipino!” kasi hindi naman madalas na may entry tayo. At saka ‘yung work conditions sa atin na minsan 24 hours nagte-tape, sila eight hours lang pagod na sila, nagco-complain na sila parang hindi sila makapaniwala. Sinabi ko sa kanila na sobrang suwerte ninyo! Ganun kagaling ang mga Pilipino, hindi lang sa pag-aartista, ‘pag nagdemand ka, gagawin talaga ‘yung trabaho. Masipag talaga tayo.

SCB: Do you have any regrets in your young life?
AL: Hindi naman siguro regret pero sana earlier ako nagsimula. Nag artista lang naman kasi ako dahil sa tatay ko, because of his eyesight. Pero parang wala pa kasing technology, and now na meron nang technology parang masyado nang late for my father.

Ayoko naman talagang mag showbiz kahit sa mga friends ko, nagtatanong sila, “Ikaw ba ‘yung sa Click?” idinedeny ko, nahihiya ako. Parang iniisip ko kasi, someday makakakita ulit ang dad ko. Kasi diba parang lahat kilala ako, tapos siya hindi niya nakikita ‘yung mga ginagawa ko.

SCB: May chances pa ba for him to see again?
AL: Parang it’s too late na, he’s 83 na rin pero I’m hoping pa rin. He’s okay, happy na siya sinasabi niya sa akin na ‘wag na akong mag-alala. Ang daddy ko ang problem niya sa eyesight lang talaga, ako lang ‘yung makulit.

SCB: What is your dream for yourself?
AL: After all this glitz and glam, gusto ko magkaroon ng bahay, kahit bahay kubo lang na may garden, maraming puno. Somewhere na makakapag relax talaga, normal life, ‘yung puwede akong magtanim.

SCB: A life out of showbiz?
AL: Kasi sa ngayon hindi ko rin naman alam kung ano ‘yung gagawin ko kapag hindi ako umaarte, maayos pa naman ang career ko. Pero siguro, someday, hindi ka na papansinin ng tao, medyo may edad ka na , meron ka ng ganun na puwede ka ng mag-relax.

And ‘yung mag focus na rin ako sa advocacy ko. Siguro pag naging teacher na ako…(smiles)

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