Saturday, March 6, 2010

Toni Replaces Angel Locsin in Kokey @ Ako; Angel Sizzles this Summer in F&H

This is just a quick post of information I got from Twitter today. These are all new so I can't wait to blog them.

Toni Gonzaga in Kokey @ Ako

Eric John Salut, adprom account head for a business unit in ABS-CBN TV production, confirmed today in Twitter that Toni Gonzaga will do Kokey @ Ako, which I heard from another source will start in June. I asked for confirmation from Darla Sauler but for some reason she did not reply because she normally does with this type of question.

I read also before in STIR that Angel was asked by her new manager, Ethel Ramos, if she would still do Kokey @ Ako as she will be busy doing the movie with Aga. The following day, the same site reported that Angel and Star Cinema have decided to still do Kokey @ Ako. Oh well, as I mentioned before, plans of ABS-CBN are not set in stone and can change at the last minute regardless of a trailer being shown already in TV.

Anyway, this latest update means Angel will concentrate on her TV series with John Lloyd Cruz and movie with Aga Mulach. These are the original plans anyway and I am happy that they are finally pushing through after months of waiting.

Angel Locsin Sizzles this Summer with Folded and Hung

I always like photos of Angel Locsin with Folded and Hung because they have fab concept and this time, they did not disappoint me with these latest set of photos, which Angel shared herself in Twitter. A few months ago, Angel's weight had been a hot topic even among fans but seeing Angel in these photos tells us that she is back in fighting form!

Yeah, Angel looks gorgeously hot in above photos.

Here's another photo shared also by Angel from her hotel room few weeks ago. DJ Mo Twister described Angel as "insanely hot" in his blog HERE especially since this photo was obviously taken using a phone camera and not professionally done.

* thanks for the photos uploaded by @Kysleee in Twitter

*** update on 6 March, 2010 at 10:28 PM ***

For more photos, click HERE.

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