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[Article] GMA Lifts News Blackout on Angel Locsin

After the interview of Angel Locsin in the Buzz on the 3rd of this month, the courtship of CNN hero Efren Peñaflorida became a hot topic in media, news prints, and Internet’s blogs & forums. What interest me more is the lifting of news blackout on Angel by her former station, GMA Network. Angel's supporters got a big surprise on the news reported by GMA's 'Chika Minute', '24 Oras' and Saksi. That’s BIG news indeed!

Chika Minute


My search of videos from the site of GMA News TV revealed that except for this week's report on Angel, the GMA Network reported Angel-related news 870 days ago.

Let's hope that this week's report on Angel by GMA Network is only a beginning and not an exception. Here's the tweet sent by Kapuso7 to Angel last month.

I do not have access to Facebook so I could not check the account of Ms. Annete Gozon Abrogar, GMA Films President. This message of Ms. Annete to Angel in Facebook was shared by ghesahl@PEx in ARep's (Angel) thread.

If you missed watching Angel's interview in The Buzz by Abunda, visit pinaswatch13@youtube channel if you cannot view her embedded videos here.

Part 1

Part 2

If you cannot view the videos, click here for the almost exact transcription of the live guesting by PEP. If you like Angel's style in The Buzz, you can send a tweet praise to Bubbles Paraiso for Angel's look on that day. Personally, I like the shoes the most because Angel has a gorgeous legs and they look sexier in those heels than the boots she had been wearing of late.

After The Buzz guesting, CNN Hero's courtship of Angel was reported also by TV Patrol and SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) after from GMA.

TV Patrol [1.3.10], video credit to theabscbnnews@youtube ...

TV Patrol [1.4.10]

Those following Angel in Twitter may wonder about these couple of tweets from Angel on the day of her guesting in The Buzz:

Eh may nakasalubong ako? :(
Dinner with ate kris, juan sarte and si nakasalubong ko.. Good Vibes! Good Vibes!
Found this photo posted by eyin@pex at luckygels thread taken during Angel's dinner with Luis and Kris Aquino with her family. Now we know who was the "nakasalubong" lol.

The following day on the 4th, Kris Aquino shared in SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) what transpired at the dinner, video credit to danceballmonday@youtube. Angel talked also about what happened at the dinner with Manila Bulletin here. Note that it was Luis who called Ms. Vilma Santos, not Ruffa Gutierrez as reported by the writer.

Luis attempt to win back Angel has been reported also in news prints and media this week. TV Patrol reported on the 6th that he visited Angel at the pictorial of Kokey@Ako on the 5th. Video credit to danceballmonday@youtube.

This week is full of news about Angel's love life. SNN reported on the 7th the video interview of Angel talking about the courtship of Efren, communication with Luis again, and Chito Miranda of 'Parokya ni Edgar' as merely a friend. SNN poll results consistently favored Luis for Angel. Video credit to danceballmonday@youtube.

After a week, Angel's love life is still a hot a topic and got featured this time in E-Live Entertainment on the 9th. Video credit to ocyrnets@youtube.

News this week is not all about Angel's suitors. As shown above by TV Patrol on the 6th, Angel looks gorgeous at the teaser pictorial for Kokey@Ako. Angel mentioned in The Buzz interview that there is no definite date for the airing of the show. Manila Bulletin reported a few days later that a new show will premiere in February 2010 and it is a toss up between Kokey@Ako and Rubi. For our story on Kokey@Ako, click here.

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