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[Photos] F&H Little Drummer Girl

So I am blogging again ...

After keeping silent for a while, I visited this blog again the other day and was surprised at the same time glad to see 'angeladik', my fave chat mate, still active in the shout box. Her liking to this blog, urging from concerned angels, and the continued trickle of visitors, despite my notice by the way, inspired me to resume blogging again hehe. I just now realize that this blog has gained its own regular visitors.

As our Christmas gift for Angel Locsin, I subscribed to a domain that is distinctly identified with Angel at This blog is still under construction and if you happen to see any broken links or incomplete posts, please leave a message in the shout box or send an e-mail at The main objective for that site is to create a compilation of information about Angel so that prospective international visitors can easily find it. We are dreaming big for Angel starting this 2010 because we know Angel is destined for bigger things and she has a big potential to gain entry in Hollywood. I remember angeladik's previous observation about the name of this blog being confusing because of the popularity of the Twilight saga. I was initially planning to transfer the blog there but it is only later I realized that Wordpress has several restrictions especially when it comes to widgets and stuff. So I am not moving out of blogger yet ...that's my intro. I also hope you had a joyous Christmas celebration with people close to your heart and enjoy the rest of the yuletide season.

This is an old info and you may have seen these photos already but since I am at the catch up mode because of the long absence, I am still posting them. I got this photos from Stylebible. For our related stories on Folded and Hung, click here and here. I saw the other week at Folded and Hung store in SM City Iloilo a large photo of Sam Milby at the center wall with Angel's photo at the side wall. A lot of fans of Angel and Sam are waiting for their photos and billboards taken together and hopefully it will be out this summer. We are also hoping that a SamGel movie will follow in the near future.

Story Credit: Bernice Bautista, Stylebible
Photo Credit:
Style Bible Digital

Folded & Hung marches to the beat of fashion's fascination with shoulders and epaulets as the retail brand taps endorser and recent International Emmy nominee Angel Locsin to be this season's Little Drummer Girl. Clad in trophy jackets with bold shoulders, frogging and studded accents, Angel channels the marching band look popularized by the King of Pop and more recently, fashion houses like Balmain. Style Bible took a peek behind the scenes of the F&H billboard shoot with Angel and found the actress in fierce fashion regalia, complete with a high-volume ash wig and smoky makeup. It was quite a change from her previous summer campaign with the brand, as Angel gets to pile on more layers in a dark palette for the colder months.

The Folded & Hung team, headed by stylist Marlon Rivera, gave Angel a pop star makeover with a head full of curls.

The actress brought along her beloved pet dog to keep her company during the billboard shoot.

A rich palette of purples and browns opened up Angel's naturally chinita eyes.

Apart from the intense eye makeup, green contact lenses were also used to give Angel a completely different look.

Makeup artist Lala Flores used black eyeliner for Angel's upper and lower lash lines for maximum effect.

True to the fearless and fashion-forward concept, the F&H team opted for bold red lips to go with Angel's smoky eyes and all-black outfits.

Sewn tab details, studs, and liquid leggings added some attention-grabbing texture to Angel's all-black ensemble from Folded & Hung.

Even as the shoot stretched late into the night, Angel kept the mood light with the Folded & Hung team.

Folded & Hung draws attention to shoulders with marching band fringes and padding.

Angel borrows some red piping and gold button details from the look of little drummer boys.

F&H adds a feminine touch to the hard-edged look with cropped jackets and textured mini skirts.

Expect to see Angel clad in sewn tab-detail jackets and sultry liquid leggings for the holidays.

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