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[Article] Personality Profile of Angel Locsin - by Chinese Zodiac Sign (Part 4)

Angel Locsin

Chinese Zodiac: OX

Oxen in China are put on a pedestal and so it goes with Ox people. They are bright, peace-loving, often easy-going, sincere, honest, realistic and down-to-earth. But, on the other hand, they can also be strong-minded, stubborn, methodical, individualistic and fiercely competitive, with, shudder, fierce tempers to boot. Once angry and incensed it will be difficult to reason with them, they also have a propensity to hold grudges. Oxen don't take kindly to being told what to do; they believe in their decision and will never regret. Ox will always stoutly defend what he or she thinks is right. Ruled more by their heads than hearts they are full of pride and uncompromising and in order to be happier they should nurture their sense of humor.

Oxen are natural born mentors, people tend to look up to them. Mentally and physically alert to the point of genius, many Oxen belong to Mensa. They often do not show up their feelings but they have a golden heart inside. These people enjoy helping others. You can rely on them as friends and neighbors. The Oxen are driven by a compulsion to work hard and have no truck with free-loaders, nor with the lazy and laid back attitude.

Oxen aren’t very sociable and rarely participate in group activities; they tend to be quiet when in a party. They speak little but are extremely intelligent. They abhor small talk and won’t waste their time flirting. When necessary, they are very articulate and eloquent. Oxen favor strong, life-long alliances to casual acquaintances.


Oxen are strong individuals who overall are healthy and live long, fulfilled lives. However, they tend to work too much, rarely allowing themselves enough time to relax. Oxen could benefit from incorporating more non-work-related activity into their lives. Bird's Nest Soup and Bean Curd are among the keys to good health!!


In career, Oxen can succeed in the arts, a contracting business, or an estate, thanks to their creative nature. Oxen possess such character traits as dependability, strength and determination; they know the value of hard work and this is how they win the race of life. Beneath their unpretentious, placid exterior lies not only a heart gold but also a strong will and a clever, determined mentality, powered by a driving ambition to succeed. They have strong drives and will exploit their potentials to the utmost. They take a methodological approach to their tasks and excel in jobs that are specialized.

Although Ox people don't ask to be put in the limelight, they do like to be boss, for these quietly dominant types enjoy being in positions of power. They impress others as leaders, fearing neither responsibility nor risk. They are powerful and born leaders, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things. Even though they may not broadcast their virtues to the world, nevertheless it is that steady, conscientious attitude that will deservedly see them to the top.


Home is where Oxen go to seek comfort. They form very strong bonds with their partners and families and make good, lifelong friends. Security is their most important preoccupation in life. Seldom jealous but they will be jealous of their rights; and the fidelity of a husband or a wife is one of their rights.

Ox people can be tender, devoted, sensual even -- but they are never romantic. Very affectionate to those close to their hearts, they are cool and distant to anyone outside their emotional circle. Getting close to an Ox is a very difficult thing to do, for they hold all but their chosen few at arm's length. However, once they have committed themselves, they make loyal, steadfast lovers and are the least likely of all the signs to possess a roving eye. Casual love affairs are definitely not the Ox's style.

Although they may not show it, their emotions are deep and passionate. If their love is spurned or if they should suffer a broken heart, they will retreat inside themselves and channel all their emotions into their work. Generally, they make no mistakes in their judgment of others, successfully merging their romantic and family lives. Happily settled in a contented relationship, an Ox will make a supportive and faithful partner, someone whose love grows stronger by the year and whose sterling qualities are worth his or her weight in gold.

They will search long and hard for the perfect partner as change makes them uncomfortable. Whether due to an ox’s tendency to be overbearing or tendency to place blame on others, relationships with Oxen don’t always work out. When Oxen realize that partnerships involve two people and two points of view, satisfying matches are possible.

Compatible Star / Birth Signs

Highly compatible with: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster
Harmonious relationship with: Snake
No conflict but needs to make an effort with: Ox, Monkey, Pig
Has a difficult relationship with: Horse, Goat, Dog
Has a turbulent relationship with: Tiger, Dragon

Element: Wood Ox [1985]

There are different types of Ox with slightly variant characteristic features based on their element.

Wood Oxen work well as part of a team, but because of their work ethic, self-confidence and strong sense of morals, they’ll always perform better as the team’s leader. Their careers are pretty successful since they are generally quick learners.

They conduct their own lives with a strong moral code and receive and deserve admiration and trust for their integrity. They understand and operate within a fixed social system and will be a much better showmen than the Oxen of the other elements.

Wood Oxen are less rigid and at least conscious of other people's emotions. Practical all the way, Wood Oxen never make rash decisions and are always considerate of the needs of others. They react more quickly than others of their sign and are likely to be more graceful socially. Like typical oxen, they are open-minded, with a "laissez-faire" philosophy towards others. Given the chance and motivation, they will embrace new and progressive views; they are less stubborn and able to concede to majority rule.

These Oxen are very practical but the finances are not very stable, as they tend to lend money to friends quite often. People under this Chinese sign are very good with relationships. They always sit down and talk their differences over and don’t let misunderstandings crop between them. They are particularly loyal and devoted to those they love and make staunch and loving friends and relations; their family life is rich with treasure.

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