Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[Fans Corner] Angel Locsin Visits our Blog?

This is the 60th post in the blog so I want to make it special and none would be more special than blogging about Angel Locsin’s probable visit in our blog. When I first saw angeladik’s query in the shout box of this blog whether it was really Angel, I was a bit confused with the question. When I did back reading, I was surprised to see the post in the image [click the photo to enlarge]

I was happy about the probability that it was indeed angel who paid our blog a visit. I shared the good news in the Twilight Angels Forum and they are likewise happy with the possibility. They commonly agreed that the style of posting is indeed Angel’s and she was also online in Facebook around the time she posted in our blog.

If it was really you Angel, many thanks for visiting!

Your good heart is an inspiration because you simply do not sympathize but extend a helping hand as well. Also, your hard dedication to your work, continued desire to improve your craft, and the drive for excellence make you a good role model to the youth.

Mabuhay ka Angel Locsin!

After reading this post, you may have started paying closer attention to the postings in the shout box. You may have noticed that angeladik and I have a running conversation about Angel. I have been saving our conversation in the Twilight Angels Forum as well because of the limitation of messages the shout box can hold. I am planning to feature in the blog some of the interesting topics we have covered. I hope angeladik will not mind my sharing her Point of View (POVs) here.

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